Larry Wilmore Apologizes for Joke About Black Women

Wilmore is dedicating a show later this month to black mothers.

Larry Wilmore apologized Thursday for a joke he made about black women on The Nightly Show the evening before.

During a discussion about black fatherhood, Wilmore referenced a statistic that fewer black women were getting married.

"Is it because black women are too bossy?" he asked, later asking his panel, "On a scale of one to ten, how bossy are black women? ... It better not be under five."

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On Thursday's show, Wilmore showed a clip of his jokes and apologized if he offended any viewers. (Wilmore took some heat on social media.)

"Like I said, it was a joke. But I get it. Some people thought we were picking on black women. We were not, black women," Wilmore said. "You guys know we love you. I was raised by a single black women."

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"If some of you are still upset about this, please send your suggestions to @Common," Wilmore joked as he ended his apology segment.

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Wednesday's panel about black fatherhood featured Common, Charles Blow, Joe Jones and Mike Yard.

He announced that at the end of the February they would do a show for black mothers. Watch his comments from Wednesday's episode below.

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