Larry Wilmore Rants About "Black on Black" Crime During 'Daily Show' Appearance

Larry Wilmore Daily Show - H 2014
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Ready for a taste of what Larry Wilmore's The Nightly Show might be like? Look no further than his The Daily Show appearance Tuesday, during which he tackled Ferguson.

After Jon Stewart ran clips of pundits claiming "black-on-black crime" is never discussed in the media, Wilmore had more than a few things to say.

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"Can we quit calling it black-on-black crime? It's just crime," Wilmore said. "Black-on-black just makes it sound like a category on Redtube. That's a porn site, Jon."

He added that African-American criminals aren't "the only thing killing black people."

"Diabetes, stroke and heart disease are kicking black people's ass," Wilmore said.

He went on to point out the irony that images of white people rioting after a pro-sports team win a championship aren't used to condemn all white people.  

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"I have a dream that one day the actions of a few shitty white people are seen as discrediting their entire race," Wilmore said, before flashing images of white men looting and the band Nickelback.

In January, Wilmore will take over the timeslot being vacated by Stephen ColbertThe Nightly Show and will premiere on Jan. 19.

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