Larry Wilmore's Buzziest 'Nightly Show' Moments: Week 2 (Video)

The comedian takes on Jenny McCarthy, 'American Sniper' and more.

Larry Wilmore is continuing to generate plenty of buzz two weeks in to hosting The Nightly Show.

Vaccines, Jenny McCarthy, American Sniper and the Koch Brothers were all on Wilmore's mind during The Nightly Show. For more from Wilmore, read his revealing Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter here

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"For f--k's sake! Jenny McCarthy?"

Wilmore tore into Californians who've opted not to vaccinate their children — and Jenny McCarthy, the public face of the anti-vaccination movement.

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"I'm taking a shower with Castro!"

In a very strange game of "would you rather," Wilmore had to choose between taking a shower with Fidel Castro or have President Obama punch him where the sun don't shine. 

The Nightly Show
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"Way to flip that house, Obama! That's my boy."

Wilmore took down the Koch Brothers and the role of money in U.S. elections by joking that Obama had flipped the White House, like a savvy real estate investor. The truth? The next president will have to spend even more money on the campaign to the White House than Obama did. 

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"Which is more irresponsible? Clint Eastwood's approach to American Sniper? Or Rolling Stone's approach to the UVA rape story?

Wilmore asked this question to Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi, referencing the University of Virginia rape story the magazine later virtually retracted