Larry Wilmore's Most Controversial 'Nightly Show' Moments So Far

The new host took on President Obama, Bill Cosby and more.

Larry Wilmore stepped into Stephen Colbert's old time slot with a bang.

The Nightly Show host took on Bill Cosby, President Barack Obama's State of the Union address and more in his first week, quickly eclipsing Jon Stewart in the controversial statements category. Among them:

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On Bill Cosby: "That mother f--ker did it."

Wilmore went for the jugular during an epic takedown of Cosby, who is accused of sexually assaulting a number of women. While Wilmore may echo opinions heard elsewhere, is there another TV host who so blatantly stated this sentiment?

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"We'll ask the question did he do it?" Wilmore said to Start Tuesday's show. "The answer will be yes."

He went on to say there may be a statute of limitations on Cosby's alleged crimes, but there is no statute of limitations on Wilmore's opinion: "That mother f--ker did it."

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On Obama: "I just voted for him because he's black."

Wilmore had plenty to say about Obama's State of the Union Address, but this was the salient quote.

On how the U.S. treats Cuba: "We are such assholes!"

After U.S.-Cuba relationships showed signs of thawing, Wilmore looked at what the average Cuban family had one chicken a month from rationing in the country. "One chicken a month? Man that's horrible. I mean here we used chicken as bread!" Wilmore said, showing an image of a Kentucky Fried Chicken product.

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