'The Last Man on Earth' Castmembers Pick Their Dream End-of-the-World Companions

The castmembers of the Fox comedy play God and tell THR who they would want by their sides — and paired together — at the end of the world.
Frank Ockenfels/FOX

Phil Miller (Will Forte) and the rest of the “Alive in Tucson” gang weren’t given much of a choice in their postapocalyptic-virus comrades, and there certainly are some who would have preferred better company.

So, in honor of the hit freshman show’s first-season finale (airing Sunday on Fox), The Hollywood Reporter gave the cast of The Last Man on Earth something that Phil and the rest of the gang did not get — a choice.

THR caught up with members of the cast and asked them whom they would choose as the last people on Earth in two possible postapocalyptic scenarios. The answers were simultaneously sweet and potentially terrifying.

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Scenario 1: You are the last person on Earth; who do you have with you?

Kristen Schaal (Carol)

I have to say my husband, and I know that answer's not as fun, but I have to say my husband because he’s the best guy in the world, so Rich Blomquist, hands down.

Mary Steenburgen (Gail)

Of course, it’d be [husband Ted Danson] with me. I wish he were with me right now, instead of shooting Fargo. That’s a no-brainer. I kind of miss him when he leaves the room, so I would definitely want him there.

Mel Rodriguez (Todd)

Can I get two? Because I just had a baby, so it would be my wife and my baby. We just had a baby, and I love her so much that I’m just with her right now. So, my wife and my baby, Stella.

Boris Kodjoe (Phil)

Besides my family and my kids, I would probably have MacGyver because he just knows how to get shit done. I might have Wolfgang Puck because he knows how to make amazing meals out of anything. You have to eat; why not have the greatest chef on the planet? I would probably also have Beyonce so she could sing because she's got the best voice on the planet.

Scenario 2: You get to choose whom you would want to watch as the last few people on Earth, almost as if you are in charge of casting The Last Man on Earth reality show. Who do you put together?


Joe Biden and Beyonce would be a lot of fun to watch together. Joe Biden is one of my favorite people because he’s just so honest and he has no filter, so he’s the only politician you can guarantee is not lying. He would be game for things and then Beyonce would be like, "Whoa, I’m with Joe Biden," and she wouldn’t be able to deal with it, and it would be fun for her to realize that the whole world isn’t worshipping her. Watching her and Joe Biden become best friends would really warm my heart.


Mister Rogers and Eddie Murphy would be interesting. They both did their own version of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, so it’d be interesting to see them actually together.


I’d really want to see some sick shit, people that would maybe tear each other apart. Isn’t that what we all want to see? I would have people that I know absolutely despise each other and have them live together. Like Obama and Putin and Jay Z and Beyonce’s sister, Solange. That’s four. I’d love to add Kanye West to the mix. Kanye’s always entertaining these days. The Kardashians and Jenners, [too].


I would like to see all of the [Real Housewives] housewives from all the different cities. The Beverly Hills housewives, the Atlanta housewives, the New York housewives and all the others, and I would put them all in the same cul-de-sac and then watch them kill each other. It would be like a Housewives Hunger Games.”

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The season finale of The Last Man on Earth airs Sunday at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.

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