The Most Memorable Guest Stars (So Far) on 'The Last Man on Earth'

Kristen Wiig joins a growing list of comedians and famous faces.
Courtesy of FOX
Kristen Wiig on 'The Last Man on Earth'

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the midseason return of Fox's The Last Man on Earth, "Got Milk?"]

Meet Pamela Brinton, a wealthy woman spending the end of the world in (someone else's) underground bunker. 

Pamela is played by none other than Kristen Wiig, the latest in a growing list of guest stars on Will Forte's Fox comedy The Last Man on Earth, joining season three on Sunday's midseason return. 

Pamela starts the episode at a glitzy fundraiser, denying the seriousness of the worldwide outbreak addressed on the show (even after the deaths of Presidents Pence, Ryan, Tillerson, Mnuchin and Sessions). Taking up residence in a friend's underground bunker, she and her dog eventually discover a drone meant for surveillance that she uses to explore the outside world. 

Fellow Saturday Night Live grads Wiig and Forte will presumably soon reunite onscreen, with Wiig's character helping clear up a mystery from earlier in the season. It's her drone that appeared in the backyard of the group's mansion, surprising and scaring some of them and eventually being shot down by an overzealous Melissa (January Jones). Now that Pamela has seen more people in the post-outbreak world, she leaves the safety of her bunker to find them. 

Take a look at some of the show's other memorable guest stars so far: 

Jacob Tremblay

The young Room star appeared during season two as a child version of Phil Miller (Will Forte), hallucinated by his sibling, Mike Miller (Jason Sudeikis). He mocks his astronaut brother, who appears to be giving up on life after coming down to Earth, but then gives him a lively pep talk: "You just came from outer space, you freakin' fart face!"

Alexandra Daddario

The Baywatch star appeared briefly as a hallucination in Phil's mind in the first season, who he imagines just before meeting the real-life Carol (Kristen Schaal). He sings the Ghostbusters theme to woo her, and they share a kiss before he wakes up to CPR instead. 

Will Ferrell 

Another SNL grad's appearance on the show was short-lived, but his memory remains via his Malibu mansion. In season two, Phil and Carol head to the beach to meet up with their friends, but when Carol yells "Boo!," Gordon (Ferrell) gets so scared that he has a heart attack and tragically dies. 

Jon Hamm

Hamm also appears briefly with an untimely end on the show, staging a brief Mad Men reunion in the first episode of season three. Intruders on the beach enter the group's house, and when everyone can't decide how dangerous they may be, Melissa shoots one of them, who just so happens to be Hamm (who starred as Jones' onetime husband on Mad Men).

Kristen Wiig 

Wiig's Pamela Brinton joins season three in an episode that looks at how the outbreak affected her family before forcing her underground in a safe bunker/mansion. But after she accidentally discovers a drone among the tech offerings in her new home, her story collides with that of Phil's group, so she leaves her bunker in search of these other last men on Earth.