Comic-Con: 'The Last Man on Earth' Cast Talks Threesomes, Cheese Eulogies and Helen Mirren

Will Forte and his co-stars look back on the funniest moments from season two of the Fox comedy.
Courtesy of Fox
'The Last Man on Earth'

The Last Man on Earth has proven to be quite a survivor. The Fox comedy, starring Saturday Night Live alum Will Forte as the only human left after a worldwide pandemic, is alive and well and returning for a third season of post-apocalyptic hijinks this fall. Forte and his co-stars (no, he’s not really alone anymore) joined San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday to look back on the craziest moments from last season.

A quick refresher: Season two ended with a tear-jerking death — Phil Miller’s (Forte) astronaut brother Mike (Jason Sudeikis) succumbed to the virus that wiped out the rest of the planet — and a new danger for the Malibu gang as they spotted a boat full of well-armed marauders led by anti-government nutball Pat Brown (Sons of Anarchy’s Mark Boone Junior) headed straight for their beautiful beach house.

Forte confirms that season three, set to premiere Sept. 23, “will pick up right where season two ends.” Boone Junior is back as Pat, and one of the other guys in hazmat suits has been cast, but Forte isn’t ready to reveal who that is just yet. But don’t be surprised if you see more Saturday Night Live alums on the show in the future, Forte says: “There are a lot of people on the [writing] staff who used to work at SNL, so we’re always looking at those people.”

The funniest sight gag from last season had to be Phil getting half of his hair, beard and eyebrows shaved off in a prank war with Mike. Forte really committed to it, even sporting the hairstyle in real life, but “I don’t think anybody especially liked the look,” the actor says. Except one Oscar-winning actress, that is. Forte recalls going to an awards show and discovering a surprising admirer: “We were sitting right next to Helen Mirren, and she kissed my bald head.” (That alone makes the prank worth it, right?)

We nearly witnessed a Miller sandwich in season two when Carol (Kristen Schaal) almost pulled off a threesome with brothers Phil and Mike. Schaal remembers shooting that scene fondly: “I’m saddling Sudeikis, and I’m getting Forte just eyeing it all … I didn’t quite get how funny it would be. I was actually bummed we had to move on, because I could’ve filmed that scene for a week.”

Mike’s death was surprisingly touching for such a juvenile comedy (remember the fart jars?), and Forte says that twist mostly came about just because Sudeikis is so in-demand as an actor. “We didn’t think we’d be able to get him for as long as we did, so we had to come to some sort of conclusion for his story,” says Forte.

Not every hilarious thing that happens on the Last Man set makes it into the final product. Forte revealed there was a deleted scene where Carol delivers a heartfelt eulogy to the last piece of cheese after the gang’s cow died. “Carol just makes a ceremony about it before they eat it,” Schaal remembers. “It’s some really good acting work.” (Please include this on the season two DVD set, Fox!)

Of course, with a cast of six regulars, the title The Last Man on Earth doesn’t really make a lot of sense anymore. A fan brought this up during the panel, and Forte has heard this complaint many, many times, so he had his answer ready: “You know the movie Rocky? Are there other people in the movie besides Rocky?”

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