'Last Man on Earth's' Boris Kodjoe Talks Rivalries, Romance and the "Crazy" Finale

THR caught up with the show’s latest addition to preview what to expect from the handsome new Phil Miller and Sunday’s season finale.
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Phil Miller is so happy to be surrounded by people again — well, the new Phil Miller (Boris Kodjoe) that is.

The appearance of handy and handsome Phil Miller was the latest and greatest bombshell to hit Fox's Last Man on Earth, which wraps its first season Sunday.  Although the last to join the “Alive in Tucson” gang, he has already made his mark — building hot showers, fixing problems, and, of course, getting romantically involved with the newly divorced Carol (Kristen Schaal).

However, the feeling isn’t completely mutual, as Phil Miller Tandy (Will Forte, who also created the show) sees the new Phil as the latest obstacle to getting laid being happy. Now with Carol in between them, tensions are only getting higher in the finale.

“Phil sees Tandy as this annoying mosquito who bugging around for no reason. Phil doesn’t even see himself as a threat, he’s just happy to be a part of the group, and he doesn’t understand why Tandy’s antagonizing him,” Kodjoe tells The Hollywood Reporter. "There’s this huge gigantic world and like, seven people, so what are we fighting for? [But] that’s his attitude. Everybody knows who Tandy is. He would be competitive with the cow.”

Will Tandy’s competitiveness cause the tension between the two finally come to a head? Is this new relationship between Carol and Phil meant to last? The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Kodjoe to get all the answers and few teases about what to expect in the finale.

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From what we’ve seen so far from Phil, he’s been pretty much perfect. Does he have any flaws?

If Phil has any flaws, I’m not sure if he’s going to expose them just yet. It always takes awhile, when you meet someone else, to get to know the real person. The first couple of months are usually the representative of the person you meet until they finally show their real face. With Phil, it’s similar, but he’s a charming guy. He’s an ex-Marine who served his country, he’s probably been quite handy in surviving the virus; he knew enough to survive. I’m sure he’s lost some family, so there’s trauma there. That’s why he was so happy when he finally found some people because I’m sure that he’s been roaming around the planet for a while just like Tandy.

So this is the genuine Phil we’re seeing? No hidden agenda that you know of?

[Well, he’s] obviously happy that he’s finally found some people, so he puts his best foot forward. He wants to be a productive member of their group and keep busy and help out when he can and that’s absolutely genuine. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the ladies like him.

They sure do, as we’ve seen in these past two episodes. However, after a lot of jockeying by the ladies, Phil ultimately ended up with Carol. What draws him to Carol above the others?

Carol is super charming. She’s sweet and she’s cute, and she’s somebody who didn’t really wrangle too much for [Phil’s] attention. She was just herself and he probably saw through the other girls and their quest to conquer. Sometimes, you just want to be yourself and appreciate somebody being themselves. And don’t forget the scarf! The scarf was definitely something that won him over. Who knits a scarf for somebody? That’s amazing.

Does this have a possibility of being the real deal or is this just a one-night stand? Are there feelings involved?

He’s very genuine and he likes her, which we see in the next episode as well. It’s always a two-way street though, so we’ll see how she feels about him because maybe she was just excited about this new guy. You never know.

The sex scene between your characters was hysterical and insane. What was it like filming that scene since it’s so different from “normal” sex scenes?

When I read the script, I was just hollering it was so funny. It’s one of those things where it’s an extremely cruddy day for an actor when you don’t get to play, and we can easily play a scene like that, sex scene or not. It’s a testimony to the writing, and Kristen is just hysterical. Seeing her like that is a dream come true.

Was any of that improvised?

The beginnings were on the page but after the second take, we keep the foundation where it is and then let it fly. Working with Kristen, that’s what happens, she goes off. [It’s] just like Will, [where] sometimes you got to reel him in because he’s ventured out so much. I’ve been trained well by [working with] Kevin Hart, so I’m pretty quick on my feet now.

How will this new pairing change the dynamics of the group?

Any time two people hookup or form some kind of alliance, whether it’s Tandy and Carol or Tandy and Todd, there are always degrees of jealousy and some competitiveness, especially when Tandy’s involved, because he’s super jealous and super competitive. I’m sure that we’ll see some very drastic stuff from Tandy because they used to be married. There’s some feelings there somewhere so we have wait and see what happens.

What’s one thing you can tease about Sunday's Last Man season finale?

Fasten your seatbelts because it’s about to get crazy.

Predictions on what might happen? Curious about where the show goes from here. Sound off in the comments below. Last Man on Earth airs Sunday at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.

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