'Last Man Standing' Premiere: What the Viewers Are Saying

Many expressed their excitement about Tim Allen’s return to television.

Last Man Standing premiered on Tuesday on ABC. The show stars Tim Allen as a father of three daughters who runs a sporting goods store. The comedy may feel familiar to those who watched Allen on Home Improvement – he’s a father who works at a manly store, doing manly things. Just switch out the three sons for three daughters.

The show also co-stars Nancy Travis, Alexandra Krosney, Molly Ephraim and Kaitlyn Dever as the women in Mike Baxter’s (Allen) life.

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Many viewers praised the show for its humor and were excited to see Allen back on television as a leading man. Allen has not starred on a TV sitcom since Home Improvement went off the air in 1999.

Nathan Aragon:
“Watching Last Man Standing and NCIS, I have to admit that it is nice to see TIm Allen back on Primetime TV!”

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Philippe Sebagh:
“Watched Last Man Standing, Really funny show hopefully it'll last. Tim Allen is still funny & apparently doesn't grow old. “

Greg Wendland:
“Gotta say Tim Allen's new show 'Last Man Standing' is Heeee-larious. Love that the "Toolman" is back!”

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James Leonard:
"Wow last man standing is the best show I have seen in a long time!"

Michael Shade Rowsey:
"The Last Man Standing is a GREAT show! Tim Allen... We've missed you!!!"

Bob Sassone:
"I know this is completely going to destroy any cool TV street cred I may have, but... I actually liked Last Man Standing.

Mark Hapka:
"last man standing" is great!I'm ok w/ it being the exact premise of"home improvement"only w/ 3 daughters w/the same age gap this time."

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Charlie Sundin:
"highly suggest yall watch new show Last Man Standing, Tim Allen still has his edge, wicked comedy chops on that man!"

Other viewers, however, were not as happy with the ABC comedy:

Craig Mitchell:
"Watched the new Tim Allen show "Last Man Standing" should have called it "Next Show Cancelled""

James Brown:
"Watched premier of Last Man Standing tonite; when will there be a sitcom with a man that isn't either an idiot or a neanderthal?"