'Last Resort': Daisy Betts on Internal Wars, Breaking Rules and Playing a 'Badass'

Last Resort Daisy Betts Episodic - H 2012

Last Resort Daisy Betts Episodic - H 2012

The stakes are getting higher on Last Resort.

Last week found Lt. Grace Shepard (Daisy Betts) at the mercy of Russian special forces in a dramatic gunfight, with Navy SEAL James King (Daniel Lissing) ultimately saving her life. In this week's episode, the daughter of Rear Adm. Arthur Shepard (Bruce Davison) will be laying low.

"She's in a little bit of a recovery this week," Betts tells The Hollywood Reporter. While Grace will play second fiddle to Capt. Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) and XO Lt. Cmdr. Sam Kendal's (Scott Speedman) latest mission -- set forth by the "mayor" of Sainte Marina Julian Serrat (Sahr Ngaujah), the Australian actress hints that the crew's latest mission is crucial to their survival. 

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"He reveals that he can be quite evil, if he wants to be," Betts says of the discovery of Serrat's true colors. "It'll be interesting to see that unfold and to see what happens. The outcome is going to be unexpected for the audience."

Meanwhile Grace will continue to delve deeper into the "day-to-day mutiny on the island" and try to "figure out where this is all coming from and what can be done to keep on top of it," Betts teases. (THR debuted an exclusive scene from Thursday's episode that highlighted the turf war that arises between Serrat and Marcus.) Grace's back story will be dissected in the coming weeks, most notably the Oct. 25 episode titled "Skeleton Crew."

"That episode is a huge one for Grace. You'll see her come into her own and show what she's made of, why she's there and why she got to the top so rapidly because she's so good at what she does," she said.

Betts noted that though Grace begins the series "very by the book" and trying "to make her father proud," she'll find that as the series goes on, "when all the rules are broken and everything thrown out the window and everything she's ever believed in is now on the other side, she will be lost in terms of who do I follow and what do I believe." 

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The internal war will remain a big part of Grace's journey: "Do I follow my captain, who I've known for a long time or do I have to start figuring things out for myself?" As Betts tells it, "Ultimately, she's going to come into her own and make her own decisions. The rules may not be as important in the future. Eventually, we will see some of the sailors letting their hair down, which will be fun and interesting."

She added: "In episode seven, we see the sailors actually having fun for once because they're all tightly wound-up at the moment and there's got to be some relief for that, otherwise they'll go crazy or get in each other's way."

In speaking about Grace's connection to D.C. with her father, there will come a chance for her to reconnect with the elder Shepard. How it plays out, however, will be surprising.

VIDEO: 'Last Resort': Turf War Proves Deadly

"Any opportunity that she has to see her father, she would jump at, and in coming episodes, you might see that opportunity arise," Betts said. "What happens is unexpected and it's another thing that will have the audience thinking that they've got it figured it out, and then the show takes a turn."

Though she and her castmates are knee-deep in production, Betts was keen on keeping tabs on viewers' reactions to her alter ego.

"Everything that I love about my character, what drew me to the role, is exactly what people are responding to," Betts said, alluding to viewers' reactions to Grace's "badass"-ness. 

The actress recalled reading messages via Twitter about fans responding to the show's twists and turns, promising that the first two episodes were just an introduction of what lies ahead.

"It keeps coming," Betts hinted. 

Last Resort airs 8 p.m. Thursdays on ABC.

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