'Last Week Tonight' Talks Inability to Pay Speeding Tickets: "Buckle Yourself or Go F—kle Yourself"

Last Week Tonight Municipal Violations - H 2015

Last Week Tonight Municipal Violations - H 2015

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver on Sunday night tackled the common annoyance of municipal violations, such as "speeding, trespassing and failing to vaccinate your ferret" — specifically, how those who can't afford to pay their fines will go to jail. And how enrolling in payment plans are often worse than the payment itself in the long run.

Still, giving out a high number of violations is considered a good thing among officers, says John Oliver, since so much of a city's revenue relies on fines: "The only people who should be that excited about people waiting in line to hand over too much money are Apple executives. ... If you have money, the state slogan is, 'Click it or ticket,' but if you don't, it really should be, 'Buckle yourself or go f—kle yourself.'" 

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Private probation companies are now getting involved. "Locked up three times over stealing one can of beer? That's not justice, that's the plot of a Southern Les Miserables — 'I dreamed a dream I stole a Coors and then some assholes put me in jail,'" he sang while introducing his hashtag for fighting this endless cycle: #ShutDownTheF—Barrel

Watch the clip below.

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