'Last Week Tonight's' John Oliver Tries to Cut Through the Noise in Season 5 Trailer

In the brand-new trailer for Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, the host gets a barrage of news alerts, each more ridiculous than the last.

"The president's losing a Twitter fight to Jewel," Oliver reads off his phone.

“Where are kittens even getting opioids?” he wonders.

“A chipmunk just attacked a synagogue. And he knew it was a synagogue,” he relays.

Yes, “in a world consumed by breaking news,” as the trailer's dramatic voiceover intones, John Oliver is back to help cut through the noise. Or, at least, run from it.

The Emmy-winning show will return on Feb. 18, the trailer promises, after ending its last season in mid-November.

As such, the show has missed the opportunity to comment on some recent events. For instance, Last Week Tonight wasn’t around to react to losing President Donald Trump’s “Fake News Awards,” but its competitors were certainly happy about the show’s absence.

“At least, for once, we didn’t lose to John Oliver,” Stephen Colbert from The Late Show quipped.