'Late Night': Amber Ruffin Sings Sadly Accurate Holiday Song

Amber Ruffin on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Amber Ruffin on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

Amber Ruffin reminded viewers just how lonely this year's holiday season will be by performing a sad but accurate musical bit on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Host Seth Meyers previewed the performance by noting how, due to the pandemic, many people will not be able to see their loved ones for the holidays. His hopes that show writer Amber Ruffin would cheer viewers up with a Christmas tune were quickly squashed thanks to her opening line alone: "Do you like trash? / Santa hopes that you do."

The comedian and fellow late night host gleefully sang about the "worst, worst Christmas of our lives" in a sequin gown, surrounded by empty seats that, as Ruffin noted, haven't been filled for eight months.

Meyers soon interrupted to remark just how depressing the song had become. When asked if anything Ruffin had just sung was a lie, the host acquiesced and let her continue.

"You've watched every show. You've read every book. / You're alone on a holiday, and you don't know how to cook," Ruffin continued as she moved through the empty set. "There's nothing under the Christmas tree, but your own co-morbidities. / Because it's the worst, worst Christmas of our lives."

While pointing out there's no band to play along as she performed or how she won't get to see her favorite aunt ("I don't want to kill her"), Ruffin did note how this is a better time than ever to drink. Meyers couldn't disagree with that.

Ruffin does have some reason to celebrate as the pandemic-ridden year comes to an end, however. The Amber Ruffin Show was recently extended by NBCUniversal's Peacock streaming platform for 10 additional episodes, the first of which will debut in January. Ruffin has one last installment remaining on her show's initial 10-episode order that will air Dec. 18.

Watch her full performance below.