Late-Night Hosts Blast Eric Schneiderman Over Abuse Claims

Late-night hosts slammed former New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman after a scathing report by the New Yorker was published yesterday detailing sexual abuse alleged by four women. The story quickly led to Schneiderman's resignation.

On The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah spent a segment tearing into Schneiderman, who had been a proponent in the #MeToo movement and filed lawsuits against disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and President Donald Trump. "This is like finding out Robert Mueller has been taking secret vacations with Putin," said Noah.

"In a way, Eric Schneiderman is still a champion for women ... he pushed for tougher laws that'll make it easier for us to throw his ass in jail," the host quipped.

Over on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert said, "Schneiderman denied the accusations, claiming I did not assault anyone and then immediately resigned. 'I am an innocent man and now will show myself out.'" Colbert then pantomimed running away.

On Schneiderman's defense that in some cases he had been "role-playing," Colbert said, "OK, role-playing: 'You be the damsel in distress and I'll be the piece of garbage who causes you distress.'"

Colbert also mentioned that Schneiderman was investigating Harvey Weinstein. "Mr. Schneiderman, I think you misinterpreted the phrase 'Me Too,' " he joked.

Jordan Klepper, host of Comedy Central's The Opposition, also had harsh words for Schneiderman. "Hey, asshole, the #MeToo movement doesn't mean you see horrible abuse and say, 'Yes, I'll do that. Me too.'"

The Manhattan District Attorney's office is currently investigating the allegations against Schneiderman.