Late-Night Hosts Call Out Trump's Behavior During G7 Summit

After President Donald Trump attended the G7 Summit over the weekend, late-night hosts were less than impressed with his performance, calling out Trump for creating “tension.” 

“If you’re one of the nerds out there who values the Western alliance that is the safeguard of democracy for 70 years, it was a tough weekend for you,” The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert said during his monologue Monday night. 

Colbert criticized Trump for declaring protectionist trade tariffs prior to attending the summit. “That’s like showing up to an AA meeting with Captain Morgan,” the host quipped.

Colbert also argued that “the spirit of the entire summit, the intention of the entire weekend" could be summed up by the viral photograph of Trump sitting with his arms crossed while meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the remaining G7 leaders. “I believe it’s entitled, ‘Still Life With Douchebag,” Colbert said, also joking that the president resembled “a toddler who put a lego in his mouth.” 

The late-night host then explained that the meetings always end with a “joint communique” and “an agreement of intention between the Nations.” Though Trump agreed to sign it, the president soon backed out after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau threatened to impose tariffs on the U.S. 

“He basically broke up with NATO via tweet,” Colbert quipped. After Merkle also called Trump’s actions during the summit “sobering and somewhat depressing,” Colbert poked some fun while agreeing with her comments. “Well, I’ll join you with depressing, but while Trump is president, you’re on your own with sober,” he said, before proceeding to drink from a glass of liquor. 

Meanwhile over on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah shed light on Trump’s noticeable name-dropping of Russia throughout the summit. “If everyone was accusing me of colluding with Russia, I wouldn’t be caught dead mentioning their name," Noah said. "Like if your girlfriend accused you of cheating with Keisha, even if you didn’t do it, just shut up about Keisha."

After reiterating that "Trump doesn’t know how to take a clue, because he kept bringing up Keisha all weekend long," Noah supported his argument by showing a clip from Trump's press conference in which he mentioned Russia. In the clip, Trump publicly stated that he believed “it would be an asset to have Russia back" in the summit, and then put blame on President Obama for the country's act of annexing Crimea.

“Oh OK. That makes sense. Russia annexing Crimea wasn’t really a big deal. But we must never forgive Obama for letting them commit this atrocity which is not a big deal at all,” the Comedy Central host said. “I mean, who even knows what a Crimea is anyway? It’s just a random little place, whose blood is in Obama’s hands!” 

Over on Late Night, host Seth Meyers also poked fun at the president's lashing out at Canada following the summit. "How do you get in a fight with Canada? That’s like holding a grudge against a golden retriever puppy," Meyers said. 

Meyers also argued that the summit further exemplified that Trump is "desperate to be loved," after claiming that his relationship with summit leaders is "a 10."

"He even refers to our allies like he’s judging contestants at a Miss USA pageant," Meyers quipped. 

Also addressing Trudeau’s tariff threat, Meyers noted, “Just so you know, in Canada that counts as a diss track.” Meyers then called out the president’s contradictions of being upset over Trudeau’s comments, showing a clip of Trump stating that he’s a “fair trader” and “all kinds of trader.” “Once again Donald Trump is the bad boy in every teen drama.” 

On The Opposition, host Jordan Klepper joked that it is the “leftist media” that has taken issue with Trump and accused him of “acting like a petulant child.” After also showing the viral photo of Trump sitting with his arms crossed, Klepper argued that it was simply the president’s “power stance.” “Everyone knows the real way to be in charge is to make your body resemble a pouty mini refrigerator,” the Comedy Central host joked. 

Klepper also poked some fun at a Senior White House official’s description of Trump’s doctrine being “We’re America Bitch.” “What a doctrine,” Klepper said. “I know there’s a word in there that liberals will find offensive: America. Well those bitches need to chill.” 

To mock Trump’s tension with Canada, the late-night host jokingly argued that Canada drives him crazy, for it’s as if “somebody took Bernie Sanders and stretched him into an entire country.” One of those reasons, Klepper mentioned was Canada's 270 percent tax on dairy, as tweeted by Trump. “Milk comes in 1 percent, 2 percent and halt. What kind of a monster country demands 270 percent milk?” Klepper argued. Though economists are defending Canada’s tax, Klepper said that Trump is not being a bully to Trudeau, but rather “just pushing around a smaller, weaker kid and literally stealing his milk money.”