Late-Night Hosts Take On Cardi B's Grammys Night, Drake's Cutoff Speech

Trevor Noah - Jimmy Fallon - James Corden - Split -Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of Comedy Central; NBC; CBS

Late-night hosts shared their takes on the 61st annual Grammy Awards on Monday night.

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah thought that the awards show was too long and didn't hide his annoyance at winners' apparent inability to prepare short speeches.

"A lot of people were angry because people's speeches were getting cut off, but the show was also four hours long," he aggressively said. "I understand that you're winning an award and you want to thank everybody, but we also don't want to be watching this thing for four hours, OK? You're gonna get cut off. You don't want to get cut off? Give a quicker speech."

He added that the nominees should have been more prepared. "Why are we just letting people wing their speeches at the Grammys? 'Oh, I didn't expect to win.' Yeah, you could've just written something in case. It was either you or one of four other people. It's not like Mega Millions," he said.

Noah compared the unprepared winners to "those people who wait in line at Chipotle and then when they get to the front, they're like, 'Uhh.'" He continued, "No 'Uhh!' You came in the door. You knew where you were going."

"No one shows up to a circumcision like, 'Does anyone have any scissors?'" he said. "You spent six hours getting into a dress and you couldn't write down the name of your manager?"

"Anyway, I enjoyed the Grammys," he concluded.

Over on The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon kicked off the episode by sharing that he "felt like Michelle Obama at the Grammys" as the audience applauded.

"Michelle Obama made a surprise appearance. It was great. The only bigger surprise would be if President Trump appeared at the Latin Grammys," he said.

He added that Nancy Pelosi received a standing ovation at a Grammys party over the weekend. "Which was great until she realized that they were all clapping like this," he said as he mimicked her clap for Trump during his State of the Union address.

Fallon also congratulated Cardi B, who won best rap album. "After she won, Cardi went onstage and talked about how nervous she was," he said before he shared a clip from her acceptance speech, which showed the rapper stating she should "start smoking weed" to calm her nerves.

Fallon said, "Then everyone in the crowd was like, 'You're at the Grammys. Just take a really deep breath.'"

James Corden also spoke about the awards show on The Late Late Show.

"It was a great show. Alicia Keys did an incredible job hosting. It was wonderful," he said. "The Grammys are the biggest night of the year for music and the biggest night of the year for your parents to text you asking, 'Who are these people?'"

Corden said that Drake's "God's Plan" won best rap song, while Childish Gambino's "This Is America" won song of the year.

"This was the first year rap songs sounded like they were named by country singers," he said.

The host also congratulated Cardi B on becoming the first woman to win in the best rap album category. He then shared a photo of the rapper's "fabulous" outfit on the red carpet, which was a vintage Mugler gown that featured a nude sequined top, shell-like black skirt, pink satin gloves.

"Great dress, but you don't want to be the person sitting next to her during the Grammys," said Corden as he pretended to push the dress out of his view.

Corden noted that while there were many great performances, Lady Gaga's performance of "Shallow" was one of the highlights. He shared a photo that showed the singer looking straight into the camera. "That is the view from inside the microwave when Lady Gaga gets home and just makes a couple of Hot Pockets," he joked.