Late-Night Hosts Debate: Laurel or Yanny?

Three years after the so-called "dress" divided the internet over what color it was, another benign but up-to-your-interpretation question puzzled social-media users early this week: Was a voice on an audio clip saying "Laurel" or "Yanny"?

On Tuesday and Wednesday late-night hosts weighed in on the contentious debate — and revealed which side they were on.

The Late Show's Stephen Colbert on Tuesday suggested that the audio clip was "the song of summer," and danced to it playing on repeat. (He also turned out to be Team Laurel).

The Late Late Show also got in on the debate on Twitter on Tuesday, writing, "i only hear yanny #EndARelationshipIn4Words" and going as far as changing their Twitter handle to "The Laurel Laurel Show."

On The Daily Show on Tuesday, host Trevor Noah snuck his partisan opinion on the matter into a segment on politics. "It's cute that Hannity and Trump talk before bed every night. They're like 8-year-old treehouse buddies with those cans on strings, gossiping about which girls they secretly paid off, or whether it's Yanny or Laurel," Noah said. "It's Laurel, by the way."

On Wednesday, however, Noah poked fun at the way that the debate was "tearing the country apart" (or, at least, the news anchors he excerpted arguing over it). "You know what we really need?" Noah said. "We just need President Trump to tell us what he heard and then everyone will know what they think. He'll be like, 'I heard Yanny' and [others] will be like, 'Clearly, it's Laurel, then. I mean, this nation was founded on a belief that it's Laurel, that's what it is.'"

Over on ABC, Live! host Jimmy Kimmel tried to bridge the divide between Laurel and Yanny partisans, joking, "Whether you hear Laurel or Yanny, one thing we can all agree on: Nothing has ever mattered less than this." Kimmel concluded that maybe people really do have their own realities and that he might owe President Trump an apology for not believing that his Inauguration crowd was as large as the president said it was.

Kimmel also created his own audio puzzle of listeners, enlisting correspondent Guillermo Rodriguez to say a word that has split his colleagues at Live! as to whether he's saying "yogurt" or "joker." 

And on NBC, Jimmy Fallon joked during his Tonight Show monologue, "Some say it's Yanny, some say it's Laurel and everyone says they're just happy to talk about something other than Trump."

Later, when discussing the latter leader, Fallon brought up the debate again. "Kim Jong-Un might cancel his upcoming meeting with President Trump because Trump was like, 'I hear Yanny.'"

Fallon asked in-house band The Roots what they thought, and Questlove ended up remixing the audio track into a song. "I think 'The Dress' is blue," he joked when asked what he heard.