Late-Night Hosts Dissect "Madman" Kanye West's White House Visit

Late-night hosts joined the media frenzy over Kanye West’s meeting with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on their shows Thursday night as they dissected the filmed meeting.

During the pair's pre-lunch meeting, West referred to himself as a "motherfucker" and went on a long rant that ended with him coming around Trump's desk and hugging him. West donned a "Make America Great Again" hat — which he says makes him feel like "Superman" — and informed Trump that he ignored the president's naysayers. 

"They tried to scare me to not wear this hat. But this hat gives me power in some way," he told Trump. He also said that "liberals" like those who work for NBC's Saturday Night Live need to treat the president better.

After listening to West speak about a myriad of topics, including his thoughts on Hilary Clinton’s "I'm With Her" campaign and Trump’s MAGA slogan, Trump told the rapper, “I’ll tell you what, that was very impressive.”

“There was a ranting lunatic in the Oval Office today and he had to sit there quietly as Kanye West did this,” The Daily Show host Trevor Noah was quick to quip, before showing a news clip of the rapper speaking throughout the meeting. 

Noah mentioned that he wasn’t buying Trump’s praise of West. “You know, Trump’s mouth said, ‘That was impressive,’ but you can see he was thinking, ‘Is it racist if I call the cops?” Noah joked.

Though Noah said he was “not a fan of this new Kanye West,” he was amused that the rapper had the ability to “make Trump feel the way Trump makes us feel everyday.”

Over at Jimmy Kimmel Live!, host Kimmel said the meeting was proof that jokes can "write themselves" sometimes. "You know, I kinda feel like every day I say it was a crazy day — today was the craziest day," Kimmel said during his opening monologue. 

Referring to the meeting as "more than just a lunch," Kimmel criticized Trump for allowing cameras to film their interaction. "Why they decided to allow cameras into this meeting, I have no idea. It really should concern even the people who love Donald Trump. [They] should be like, 'Ah, maybe he isn’t the best when it comes to decision-making' after this."

Kimmel also mocked the conversation as being something typically "held between people wearing hospital bracelets." Kimmel also compared their exchange as reminiscent of Tom Hanks talking to Wilson the Volleyball in Cast Away

"That's the President of the United States sitting quietly while an irrational madman rants and rave at him. Now he knows how we feel. Every morning when we wake up to him."

Meanwhile, on The Late Late Show's Twitter feed, James Corden suggested that, while showing Trump his phone, West was surprisingly watching Corden’s Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney. 

Jimmy Fallon also discussed the meeting over on The Tonight Show.

"If you told me 10 years ago that Trump and Kanye would be meeting at the White House, I would've said, 'Oh my god. Kanye becomes president?" said Fallon.

"While they spoke, both Trump and Kanye's assistants looked at each other and said, 'And I thought my boss was nuts,'" he continued.

The host added that Kid Rock was also at the meeting. "Meanwhile, people down in Florida were like, 'Don't worry. We'll handle this hurricane ourselves. Just hang out,'" he said.

Fallon said that a video from the meeting shows West typing in his phone passcode, which is all zeros. "Then Trump said, 'Hey, that's the same passcode I use for the nuclear codes,'" he joked with his Trump impression. "When Putin saw that he's like, 'It's too easy.'"

"The whole meeting was pretty wild," said Fallon before sharing a clip of an MSNBC anchor responding to the meeting by slowly stating, "Wow." After laughing, Fallon said, "That sums it up right there."