Late-Night Hosts Mock Trump's "Weird" Trip to California Following Wildfires

A number of the major broadcast late-night hosts took issue with President Donald Trump’s visit to California over the weekend following fires that devastated both Northern and Southern California.

Trump toured towns in both parts of the state to get a grasp of the severe damage caused by the fires. During the tour, he stopped by Malibu; the Skyway Villa Mobile Home and RV Park in Paradise; and operation centers, where he met with first responders, law enforcement and representatives of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Playing a clip of the president mistakenly calling the town of Paradise "Pleasure," NBC's Late Night host Seth Meyers quipped, "Ugh. He’s like a guy who’s trying to show his friend a porn video but keeps typing the wrong thing into the search bar.... Also, nobody wants to hear dirty grandpa over here say the word 'pleasure. He might as well have said, 'This fire really devastated the town of Moist.'"

Over on CBS' Late Show, Stephen Colbert similarly took umbrage with Trump’s “Pleasure” comment: “It’s easy to get them mixed up. Just remember, Mr. President, Paradise is the dancer, Pleasure is where she works.”

Colbert went on to address Trump’s comments about climate change, in which the president said he wanted “great climate.” Colbert noted, “You want learn grammar. I want new president.”

On CBS' The Late Late Show, host James Corden also talked about Trump touring the areas of California impacted by the fires over the weekend.

Corden noted that the president visited the town of Paradise, though Trump referred to it as "Pleasure" in an interview. "This also explains why when Trump got there, he shook the firefighters' hands by saying, 'It's a paradise to meet you,'" he joked. "Donald Trump seemed confused about pleasure, to which Stormy Daniels said, 'Yeah, tell me about it.'"

Corden shared that Trump suggested that California "rake forest floors" to prevent future fires. "There are 33 million acres of forest in California alone, so that's our show tonight. Everyone grab a rake on the way out. It's gonna be a busy Thanksgiving," the host quipped.

"Trump said he got the idea about raking the forest floors from talking to the president of Finland, but here's the thing. They don't do that in Finland and the Finnish president said that while they did talk about forest safety, raking was never brought up," noted Corden. "You know what this is. This is 'rake news.'"