Late-Night Hosts Mock Trump's Awkward Interactions With Macron and Melania

French President Emmanuel Macron is in Washington, D.C., this week as part of President Trump's first official state visit, and so far, there's been no shortage of awkward interactions — all of which late-night hosts have taken on in stride. 

Among the slew of odd moments used as joke fodder were Trump's displays of affection toward Macron, including too-long handshakes and cheek-kisses. Jimmy Kimmel noted their "interesting relationship" on Tuesday night's show, joking that while Macron is genuinely looking out for the interests of his country, Trump just wants a companion. "Trump very much needs a friend, because most of his old ones are going to prison," Kimmel joked, adding that Trump "cannot keep his hands off the guy."

The ABC host then played a clip of Trump and Macron embracing each other. "Have you ever seen [Trump] touch anyone like that? He gave him the full Stormy Daniels there," Kimmel said. And to him, the interaction seemed one-sided. "Macron is like, 'Melania, may I borrow your hat?'" Kimmel said, referencing the first lady's white, wide-brimmed hat that, in the clip, prevented Trump's face from touching hers.

Trevor Noah also reveled in the moment. "We all know that Trump is not the sentimental type, but clearly Macron made him feel a way that he's never, ever felt before: human," the Daily Show host said. Noah ended the segment with a video — titled "L'affaire des Mains," or, "The Affair of the Hands" — dedicated to the duo's "bromance."

To Conan O'Brien, the interactions prompted a familiar response from Team Trump: "When President Emmanuel Macron greeted President Trump, he kissed Trump on both cheeks. Then out of habit, Michael Cohen showed up and handed Macron $130,000." 

Another popular moment caught Trump attempting to brush off what he told reporters was dandruff on Macron's jacket. 

"Mr. President, Macron is still standing next to you, smiling, after hanging out with you for two days," said The Late Show's Stephen Colbert. "That's not dandruff — that's cocaine." 

Kimmel compared the "historic" moment — "to the best of my knowledge, it was the first time a world leader ever publicly brushed dandruff off another world leader" — to apes grooming each other. "You know what, that's really what orangutans do," Kimmel joked. "They groom each other." 

Late Night's Seth Meyers noted that Trump said he brushed Macron's jacket because Trump wanted to make him "perfect." 

"Then Macron returned the favor by putting a bag over Trump's head," Meyers joked. 

While Tuesday's main event was the state dinner (Kimmel even parodied the event, imagining it would be catered by one of Trump's favorite spots: KFC), the day's focus was on an interaction not between Trump and Macron, but Trump and Melania. A clip went viral on Tuesday wherein Trump appeared to be trying to hold the first lady's hand, with her brushing off each attempt. 

"[Melania] is not having it, man," Colbert said. "He is like trying to rouse a dead trout." However, the CBS host said he didn't blame her for the supposed rejection. "I mean, she watches 60 Minutes. She knows where that hand has been," Colbert joked. 

Noah used the same moment to make Jaws parody, with Trump's hand being the shark. 

Jimmy Fallon re-enacted a number of Trump's awkward hand movements, joking that someone at the White House should've used Google to look up how to hand-shake. The Tonight Show host also zeroed in on how Trump would behave at the state dinner — even including a Trump "Etiquette Guide."

"Do not ask, 'Are you gonna finish that?' before your guests start eating," Fallon imagined as one of Trump's rules, along with "Hold your wine glass by the stem, not with two hands like a child," and "If you're bored, sit quietly and watch Paw Patrol on your iPad."

Macron is expected to return to France on Wednesday evening — meaning late-night hosts will have an entirely new day to plan jokes around.