Late Night Hosts Take On Jennifer Lopez's Pole Dancing During Super Bowl Halftime Show

Despite the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl on Sunday, the attention has seemingly been focused on Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's energetic halftime show during the big game Sunday night. And the buzz surrounding the performance carried over to Monday's late-night shows, where the hosts took on the duo's routine.

"They killed it," the Daily Show host Trevor Noah was quick to say of the two singers. During Lopez's time onstage, she briefly performed on a stripper pole as she paid homage to her role in Hustlers. Despite Lopez wowing the crowd, critics were quick to express their anger toward her for performing a risqué routine on a family broadcast. 

"Some people were really pissed that J.Lo pulled out a stripper pole to do some moves," Noah explained before offering a solution. "For all those parents, just tell your kids J.Lo is a fireman."

Noah then acknowledged that Lopez "spent months learning how to be a professional dancer" for Hustlers, in which she played a stripper. "If I spent that much time learning how to pole dance I would be pole dancing every chance I get," he said. He also quipped that he'd even perform on a pole while using the subway. 

Over on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the late night host briefly discussed the halftime show, explaining that "most everyone seemed to like that" including former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who tweeted "Best Super bowl half time show ever." Kimmel poked fun at the tweet because it ended with a period. "No exclamation point. Low energy. That's just Jebby from the block," Kimmel quipped. 

Shakira and Lopez's performance was a monumental moment for music and the NFL as the singers became the first Latin artists to headline a Super Bowl halftime show. To celebrate that honor, the two artists emphasized their heritage throughout their performance. (Lopez, a New York native, is of Puerto Rican descent, while Shakira is Colombian.) The singers also performed various dance routines as they sang some of their greatest hits.  

Late Night host Seth Meyers said that more than 80 commercials aired during the Super Bowl. "The best one had to be this ad for time machines," he said as he shared a photo of Lopez and Shakira during their performance. "I mean, it's pretty good."

After noting that Donald Trump congratulated Kansas instead of Missouri for the Chiefs' victory, Meyers joked that he also made an error when tweeting about the halftime show. "Congratulations Shakira and Jello!" read the fake tweet.

Over on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert noted that the Chiefs made a thrilling comeback during the fourth quarter. "But the real winner last night was anyone watching the halftime show," he said.

"First Shakira, whose hips — again — did not lie, while under oath," recapped Colbert. "Then J.Lo, who showed off an impressive pole dance. It's a tradition dating back to Super Bowl I when Bob Hope did the exact same choreography."

Colbert continued, "It was good. Bob was very cut."

Jimmy Fallon related the halftime show to the Iowa Caucuses during The Tonight Show.

"The winner will gain momentum while the losers slide down the polls," Fallon said of the first contest in the 2020 presidential election. "You know who else slid down a pole? J.Lo in the Super Bowl halftime show."