Late-Night Hosts Revel in Met Gala Madness

Late-night hosts took a break from joking about politics on their Tuesday night shows to delve into this year's Met Gala.

Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert actually attended the star-studded, annual fundraising benefit for New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, and seemed to revel in the "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" theme, as they were both altar boys as children.

"Just two altar boys getting ready to meet the bishop!" the CBS host said, sharing a photo of him and Fallon from the event.

Colbert wasn't as comfortable with some of the other guests — namely Catholic officials like the Archbishop of New York.

"There were priests, or people who were dressed as priests, so you were a little on edge about how much fun you could have," Colbert said. "Like, I would have just stepped on a baby’s finger for a cocktail. I couldn’t find the bar."

The Late Show host also did his best impression of the Gregorian-esque chants, which acted as background music for Madonna's performance of "Like a Prayer." 

"It was like Eyes Wide Shut, and it felt like either the whole evening was going to end in a giant ass-pile, or they were going to kill us," Colbert joked. 

Like Colbert, Fallon mimicked the Gregorian chants during Madonna's set; though he was a little more surprised to see her among a crowd of monks because of an earlier run-in with the pop star. 

While admiring the choir earlier in the evening, Fallon said he had a suspicion Madonna would make a surprise appearance, when all of a sudden, she showed up next to him. He complimented her outfit, only for her to reply with a whispered, "bless you." 

The Tonight Show host praised her performance as "the coolest thing ever." 

The Opposition's Jordan Klepper, on the other hand, wasn't impressed with any part of the Met Gala (and, according to the conservative character, "Met" stands for "Metrosexual elitists think they're better than you and won't invite you to their parties even though you have a hit show and fun hair."). 

The Comedy Central host condemned the "Heavenly Bodies" theme as "totally inappropriate."

"I mean, Jesus Christ, religion is sacred, God damn it!" Klepper preached, adding that Rihanna dressed as the pope was "hugely offensive" to the history of the papacy, which is an "institution that has never been corrupt in any way." 

To Colbert, Rihanna's look was more "disco bishop." He flipped through a slew of pictures of celebrities at the event, noting the high fashion and taking a minute to point out that Esquire actually dubbed him one of the Gala's "best dressed" men. 

Late Night's Seth Meyers kept his comments brief, only noting that while Rihanna went as the pope, Frances McDormand dressed as "Egypt being attacked by locusts."