Late-Night Hosts Skewer Trump's Pennsylvania Rally

Late-night hosts had a field day with President Trump's weekend rally in Pennsylvania, during which he revealed his 2020 campaign slogan, promoted Fox over "fake as hell CNN" and dubbed NBC's Meet the Press host Chuck Todd a "sleeping son-of-a-bitch," among other things.

Stephen Colbert was quick to point out that Trump's slogan choice — "Keep America Great" — has been used before: in one of the installments of The Purge.

"Where have I heard that before?" Colbert said of the slogan. "Well, it turns out its the tagline for The Purge: Election Year."  The CBS host also joked that "KAG" — the slogan's abbreviation and MAGA counterpart — is the sound he makes when he "purges."

Colbert also touched on other highlights from Trump's 73-minute speech, including his claim that he knows Oprah's weakness and would love to beat her in 2020. "Yes, she publishes a list of her weaknesses every year," Colbert said. "I think this year she had a weakness for infinity scarves, mashed sweet potato toast and artisanal toffee."

Colbert took offense to Trump's Todd comment, but only because Todd's "not a sleeping son-of-a-bitch, he's a goatee host organism," Colbert teased.

Trump made sure to emphasize that "Keep America Great" will be followed by an exclamation point, something Jimmy Kimmel zeroed in on. "If history has shown us anything, it's that nothing propels a campaign of success quite like an exclamation point," Kimmel said before flashing a photo of Jeb Bush and his "Jeb! 2016" logo.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host then featured a segment called "Drunk Donald Trump" in which his Saturday speech was shown in slow-motion.

Seth Meyers also had fun with the "weakness" comment, adding that Trump "talks about Oprah the way Lex Luthor talks about Superman."

Of the entire rally, the Late Night host called it "unhinged," and skewered Trump for using the speech — which was originally intended to endorse State Rep. Rick Saccone for Congress — to mostly talk about himself.

"Trump's like the friend you invite to your karaoke birthday party who shows up late, doesn't bring a gift and then sings 'Stairway to Heaven' 10 times in a row," Meyers joked.

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper compiled Trump's comments about a wide-ranging list of people. "Chuck Todd is sleepy," Klepper said. "And that's coming from the guy who hired Ben Carson." 

Despite throwing a slew of insults during the speech, Trump was relatively positive about Kim Jong Un, telling the audience they have to be "very nice."

"Just because Trump has publicly insulted 'little rocket man' since the beginning of his presidency, doesn't mean that now we should boo him," Klepper said. "Sure, he threatened attacks on one our territories, proliferates his nuclear arsenal and violates countless human rights laws, but he also agreed to have a hang sesh with Trump. So he can't be all bad."