Late-Night Hosts Sound Off on SCOTUS Upholding Trump Travel Ban

After making plenty of jokes about the executive order months ago, late-night hosts weighed in on the Supreme Court's decision to uphold President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban on Tuesday.

The travel ban, which was struck down by three lower courts before it made its way to the Supreme Court, was upheld in a 5-4 vote. The decision was widely viewed as a success for the Trump Administration's broad interpretation of the president's executive power.

On Late Night, Seth Meyers invoked criticisms that Trump's ban affects primarily Muslim countries. "The Supreme Court today upheld Trump's travel ban on seven primarily Muslim nations, though I think they should only uphold the ban if Trump can name all seven," Meyers joked. He then mimicked Trump's voice: "'Well there's Iraq, Iran, um, Sharona...."

Over on CBS, Stephen Colbert on The Late Show said the Supreme Court "fell for" the argument that the restriction was a travel ban instead of a "Muslim ban." 

"5-4. This close to be able to look our grandchildren in the eye," he said. "This was actually Trump's third travel ban, after the first version explicitly banned people from Muslim-majority countries and the original draft just read, 'Beards are scary!'"

Meanwhile, on Comedy Central, The Daily Show's Trevor Noah noted that one of the reasons the Supreme Court upheld the travel ban was that North Korea was included on the list, which was also a reason why Trump had denied that the travel ban was a "Muslim ban."

"He basically did the thing when people buy condoms, and they're like, can I get condoms and a pack of gum?" Noah said, noting that said consumers are usually just at the store to accomplish getting the condoms.

On NBC, Jimmy Fallon incorporated the Supreme Court decision into his opening monologue: "The Supreme Court voted in favor of the president’s travel ban 5-4, or as Trump calls that, unanimous."