Late-Night Hosts Tackle Bob Woodward's "Explosive" Trump Book

After excerpts from Bob Woodward's upcoming book Fear: Trump in the White House were published in The Washington Post Tuesday morning, late-night hosts were quick to weigh in on the controversy it stirred up.

"[The book] might bring down the Trump presidency," said The Daily Show's Trevor Noah. "I mean, it's probably not going to do that, but it is pretty funny."

Citing an excerpt that claims Trump referred to Attorney General Jeff Sessions as "retarded" and imitated Sessions' Southern accent, Noah quipped, "It's weird that Trump is running around doing accents when he hasn't even mastered his own."

On Late Night With Seth Meyers, the host dedicated a section of his "Closer Look" segment to Woodward's book. "He's like a guy who doesn't understand he's being dumped," Meyers noted of a recorded conversation between Trump and Woodward of the book. "I'm breaking up with you because you're dumb, annoying, selfish, ugly … and I'm not attracted to you in any way. 'So, it sounds like you're on the fence about going to prom with me?'"

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Over on the Late Show, host Stephen Colbert returned from his two-week hiatus with a new beard and a few opinions on Woodward's book.

"It seems like an explosive book about the Trump White House comes out every few minutes," the host said.

Citing the title of Woodward's work, Colbert said, "Named after the emotion Trump feels whenever he sees a book."

On ABC, host Jimmy Kimmel said the book "promises to be the president's most unflattering portrait yet" and noted, "It's a good thing Donald Trump doesn't read books, because I don't think he'd like this one."

Kimmel also compared the current situation in Washington to a different program on his own network: "The Trump White House has had more men tell-alls than The Bachelor."