Late-Night Hosts Take Shots at Trump's NATO Summit Performance

President Donald Trump kicked off a European trip this week in memorable fashion, telling NATO members to spend more on defense and accusing Germany of being "totally controlled by Russia" during the NATO summit in Brussels on Wednesday.

That evening, U.S. time, late-night hosts recapped the summit in monologues that slammed the president for statements they deemed hypocritical.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert had some fun with Trump's assertion during the NATO summit that Germany was "totally controlled by Russia" because it draws over one-third of its gas from the country, an idea that drew criticism from German chancellor Angela Merkel.

"I'll tell you who had sex with a porn star, Angela Merkel. Oh, Angela loves to get spanked with a rolled-up Der Spiegel," Colbert joked, referring to adult-film star Stormy Daniel's allegations that she had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump and that she spanked him with a magazine with his face on it. 

The point of the monologue was to show hypocrisy in Trump's accusation, given that the president has expressed admiration for Russian president Vladimir Putin before. "We should have seen all this coming because right before he left on the trip, Trump talked about his three stops. Guess which one he was most excited about?" Colbert then played a clip of Trump speaking about his tour to the NATO summit, the U.K. and to meet Putin in Helsinki, Finland, in which the president said that the Putin meeting "may be the easiest of them all."

During his monologue on ABC, Live! host Jimmy Kimmel argued that Trump's call for other countries to pay more on defense spending was hypocritical, given his reputation as a businessman. "Donald Trump attacking others for not paying their fair share is ballsy. It’s basically the Trump business plan," he said.

Kimmel also noted the body language of chief of staff John Kelly at a NATO breakfast: "Rolling his eyes, he couldn’t wait to get up. It was like he was on a blind date with a woman who turned out to be his cousin," Kimmel joked. He also noted that press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders explained that Kelly was displeased the breakfast was not a full breakfast, but instead pastries and cheese.   
"Who knew John Kelly was so anti-continental breakfast?" Kimmel asked.

And on TBS, Conan quipped during his monologue, "It's been a stressful week. First 12 Thai soccer players were stuck in a cave with rising water. Now six world leaders are trapped in a summit with President Trump."