Late-Night Hosts Weigh in on the 2019 Oscar Nominations

Team Roma or The Favourite? Hours after Kumail Nanjiani and Tracee Ellis Ross announced the 2019 Academy Award nominees, late-night hosts weighed in on the anointed titles on their Tuesday night shows.

Favorites of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences this year included the aforementioned Roma and The Favourite, which led with 10 nods each, while A Star Is Born and Vice were also triumphant, earning eight nominations. Notable snubs included a lack of any nods for documentaries Won't You Be My Neighbor? and Three Identical Strangers, as well as fiction titles Crazy Rich Asians, Ben Is Back, Boy Erased, Eighth Grade, The Rider, Sorry to Bother You and Widows.

Over on ABC, the 2017 and 2018 Oscars host, Jimmy Kimmel, took aim at the leading contenders of this year's ceremony, which will take place Feb. 24, in his opening monologue. "How many of you saw Roma and The Favourite?" Kimmel asked his audience. "At least half of you are lying, I know that. Well, someone did, because they got 10 nominations apiece."

Kimmel also joked that "history was made" when, for the first time ever, an "Avenger-American" was nominated for an Oscar, given that Black Panther was nominated for seven awards, including best picture. The Live! host also took a jab at friend and frequent target Matt Damon: "For the third year in a row Matt Damon was not nominated for best actor. Let’s keep that streak going," he said.

Finally, the late-night host took a jab at the Academy's hosting issues this year after first pick Kevin Hart left the job amid a controversy over old tweets. The Academy has since opted to go without a host: "I guess whoever it was that hosted last year did such a great job that they’re like, 'well, we’re not gonna even bother,'" Kimmel said.

During his monologue, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon reported that the major update from the early-morning announcement was that there's "still no one to host the show."

The NBC host also weighed in on the male acting nominees: "I saw that Christian Bale was nominated for his role in Vice, while Bradley Cooper and Sam Elliott were nominated for A Star is Born. They're actually nominated in the same category: growling," he joked. As for the best actress snub of Emily Blunt for Mary Poppins, "Her spoonful of sugar was cut with a little bit of Xanax," he joked.

Fallon noted that many of the nominees for Roma were Mexican. "That's the good news," he said. "The bad news is that Trump now wants to shut them down." The late-night host proceeded to imagine what Trump's response to the nominees would be. For Black Panther, he said, Trump might say: "Wakanda is a beautiful country, I've been there many times."

Over on Comedy Central, Daily Show host Trevor Noah focused on the nominees' diversity, in contrast to the #OscarsSoWhite controversies of previous years. "This year is different. It's gotten so black that two of the best picture nominees had the word 'black' in them," he joked, referring to BlacKkKlansman and Black Panther.

Daily Show senior correspondent Ronny Chieng — who also played Eddie Cheng in Crazy Rich Asians — then took over the coverage. He had a clear agenda: "Who gives a shit about best picture? The story this year is about all the nominees who were snubbed," he started. "Snubs, snubs and more snubs. Especially in the only category that anyone cares about: best supporting actor."

"I lost out to a bunch of no-name hacks," he said, then proceeding to insult the actual nominees. As for A Star Is Born's Sam Elliott: "Everyone in the business knows his mustache is doing all the acting." BlacKkKlansman's Adam Driver was deemed "Emo Darth Vader who brought whining to a galaxy far, far away."

Sam Rockwell was a target of his particular ire: "There's already another Sam. Too many Sams. #OscarsSoSams."

Chieng then pulled the rug out from under the audience, claiming that he wasn't actually angry: "I was only acting," he said, and asked to be considered for next year's Academy Awards.

Over on The Late Late Show, James Corden caught his audience up on the nominees.

"For best picture, the nominees are a bunch of movies we'll all pretend we saw and Black Panther," said the host.

He added that he's excited that The Favourite was recognized by the Academy. "It means the United States might finally admit that the word 'favorite' is supposed to have a 'u' in it," he said as the audience laughed. "It does."

"A lot of people were complaining on Twitter this morning about Bradley Cooper being snubbed for best director, which is an outrage," he continued. "It means he's just gonna have to settle for being Bradley Cooper, which I imagine is amazing."