Late-Night Hosts Weigh In on Bernie Sanders' 2020 Presidential Campaign

Following Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders' announcement on Tuesday that he's launching a second presidential campaign, this time for the 2020 election, late-night hosts had some fun reprising their impressions of the Vermont lawmaker. 

On The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon impersonated the politician and suggested some campaign slogans that might be helpful. "Hello, I'm Bernie Sanders, and I'm yelling for president of the United States," Fallon began.

Referencing the older generation's language use when talking about social media, he said, "I'm running and everyone is talking about it, I've been trending all day on the Tweeter. Hashbrown 'BernieSanders2020.'"

The comedian continued, "Our country faces many problems right now: human jobs are being replaced by artificial intelligence and robotics, which is very troubling, when so many of us still can't figure out what Alexa is." As the familiar Alexa voice came on, Fallon yelled for the robot to "go away!"

Making fun of Sanders's age — he is 77 — Fallon, still in character, went on to explain how he is the candidate with the most experience. "Literally, I am older than all 20 of them combined. Most people who run for president don't understand the Constitution. I understand it, because I was there when we signed it."

Describing his support thus far, Fallon mentioned he already has backing from Metamucil, which is a fiber supplement for patients with constipation, as well as "those tennis balls that you put on the bottom of walkers."

Toward the end of the spot, Fallon admitted he had to pee, and a campaign slogan, reflecting that, appeared on the screen much to his horror. 

Over on The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert also poked fun at Sanders's age by expressing that he made his presidential campaign announcement in the "most Bernie way possible" — on Vermont Public Radio. "After that, he made it official by posting a flyer on his local co-op bulletin board."

Noting The New York Times article that listed the many Democratic candidates, Colbert quipped, "Evidently the Democratic party has been passing out a mirror that says, '2020: Why Not You?'"

He went on to describe how the field is more diverse this time, with "multiple women, people of color, the first openly gay major party presidential candidate, but Sanders does not believe that hurts his chances."

Colbert posted a quote from Sanders in Feb. 2019 that explained his view of looking at candidates not for their age, skin color, sexual orientation or gender, but by their abilities based on what they stand for.

Colbert then gave a short impersonation of Sanders with "a dream for this diverse nation to be led by an old white guy."

Over on Comedy Central, The Daily Show's Trevor Noah noted that if he were to win the presidency, Sanders would be the oldest president ever. "And I mean that literally: He was born a few months before George Washington," Noah joked.

He also had fun with Sanders' bold response to CBS This Morning's John Dickerson when asked about former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who is exploring a presidential bid. "Oh, isn't that nice," Sanders said. "Why is Howard Schultz on every television station in this country? Why are you quoting Howard Schultz? Because he's a billionaire."

Noah threw up his hands in response: "Yo, I've missed Bernie so much," he said, launching into an impression of Sanders' response. "Because every other politician would answer that question in a politician-y way... Bernie's just like, 'Howard Schultz can run for president of my ass."