Late-Night Hosts Weigh in on Bill Cosby Guilty Verdict

Late-night hosts homed in on a milestone in the #MeToo movement on Thursday, when Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault in a Norristown, Pa. courtroom after facing nearly 60 accusations of sexual misconduct spread out over the course of 43 years. 

On The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah deadpanned, "Bill Cosby, guilty. So I guess once again, he's given us a classic heartwarming ending," he said, referring to Cosby's long-running television sitcom, The Cosby Show

"So it's officially over for Bill Cosby now," Noah added, noting that he will forever have be haunted by the verdict. "So he can't do anything now except for maybe run for president."

Just after The Daily Show on Comedy Central, The Opposition's Jordan Klepper joked, "I think we're thinking the same thing: That happened quick! Only 43 years, nearly 60 accusers and two full trials to get justice? Wow, I guess it's just that easy. A man can go from free to behind bars in just a half-century." Klepper then suggested that with Cosby deemed guilty, accusations might get serious for other former NBC stars, referring to President Trump, whose former reality series The Apprentice aired on NBC.

Over on ABC, Kimmel worked the verdict into his Live! monologue on Thursday night, noting that the end to Cosby's second trial was momentous, but just one of the many weighty news stories of the day. (The monologue also touched on Trump's morning interview with Fox & Friends and his admission that attorney Michael Cohen represented him in a case with adult film actress Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.)

"Bill Cosby, one of the most beloved and successful TV stars of all time, was convicted of three counts of indecent assault today. He could very well spend the rest of his life eating pudding in prison, and that’s not even the top story of the day," he said.