Late-Night Hosts Weigh in on U.S. Pulling Out of Iran Deal

President Trump fulfilled a campaign promise when he announced on Tuesday that he was pulling out of the Iran deal, which he called "a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made." That night, late-night hosts joked that this example of Trump keeping his word was the exception, rather than the rule.

"President Trump today announced that he would pull out of the Iran deal and said, ‘When I make promises I keep them.’ Then Melania laughed so hard her mouth fell off,” Seth Meyers joked, showing an image of the first lady sans mouth, and likely referring to the women who have come forward to allege they had affairs with Trump while he was married.

Also responding to Trump's quote about keeping promises, Colbert assumed a fake Trump voice for his jab: "'Well, my lawyer keeps them on my behalf, but I pay him back eventually,'" he said.

Returning to his normal voice, Colbert added, "And what are you talking about? What are you talking about? You literally just backed out of an American promise. That's like saying, 'I'm no longer denying my alcoholism. Let's drink to that.'" Colbert then mimed taking several drinks, to audience applause.

Over on TBS, Conan O'Brien also made a joke about the women who have alleged Trump has been unfaithful to his wife — specifically Stormy Daniels (real name: Stephanie Clifford), who Trump lawyer Michael Cohen paid before the 2016 election to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump. 

"Today, President Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal. Out of habit, after pulling out, Trump paid Iran $130,000," the late-night host said.

Meanwhile, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah delighted in Trump's use of the phrase "nuclear blackmail" in the announcement: "That makes sense. I mean, he's already being blackmailed by Putin and a porn star. A third one would be too much, too much!" Noah joked.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host noted, "The one time he should have pulled out, we ended up with Donald Jr.”