'Late Night' Pokes Fun at Push for Onscreen Diversity in Film

LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS - Episode 802 - Jermaine Affonso, Amber Ruffin - Publicity-H 2019
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

While a number of movies released over the past year have demonstrated strides being made in onscreen inclusion, Late Night With Seth Meyers writers Amber Ruffin and Jermaine Affonso joked that in order to find the "most diverse film of 2018," they had to look into explicit material.

On Tuesday's episode of the NBC late-night program, Ruffin and Affonso pretended to be members of the American Diversity Council to poke fun at the push for onscreen diversity.

But the high point in inclusivity wasn't an acclaimed film like Crazy Rich Asians, Roma or Black Panther; instead, as Ruffin and Affonso deadpanned, the it was a fake pornographic title: Backyard Bus Bangers 6.

They explained that the fake film included actors of many backgrounds and that it featured "roughly nine times more interracial relationships than any other movie made in the last year."

They also joked that the Jewish director and castmembers who resembled Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas showed that the production embraced diversity both on- and offscreen.

Meyers tried to change the subject by asking which 2018 film had the best representation of the LGBTQ community, but Ruffin informed him it was the same movie.

"So congratulations to the cast and crew of Backyard Bus Bangers 6," Affonso said. "I shudder to say that more Hollywood films should aspire to your example."

Watch the full segment below.