'Late Night With Seth Meyers' Tweets Faux 'Fox & Friends' Job Posting

Late Night Host -Seth Meyers NBC - Publicity 2 - H 2017
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Good news, blonde journalists with have failed journalism school and possess a passion for expressing their contempt for Hillary Clinton: a new "job posting" on Twitter is recognizing those talents. Unfortunately, that job posting is also a ruse penned by the writers at Late Night to skewer the Fox News program Fox & Friends.

In a tweet Thursday, the NBC late-night host described a spoof position at Fox & Friends that sought a "Head Blonde" to oversee "all fake news content" on the daily morning show. 

"If you failed journalism school, lack a moral compass or have a passion for blaming Hillary, this is job is for you," the posting says. "You will oversee all fake news content on the #1 National Cable Morning Show in White House Bedrooms. You will supervise a team of Liar-Producers to craft the sky-is-falling tone a fast-paced show in denial."

Other responsibilities of the joke position include assigning "hit pieces," finding photo and video of Clinton where she looks like she's ill and "finding new and creative ways to bring up Obama's birth certificate."

Requirements of suitable candidates include four or more years of experience in beauty pageants, fluency in Russian, "solid judgment on skirt length" and the "ability to look at Steve Doocy without barfing."

This is hardly the first time Late Night has taken aim at Fox News and its programs: Last October Meyers' "A Closer Look" series parodied the channel's coverage of indictments in the inquiry into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, pointing out that it had a segment on the hamburger emoji when other networks were focused on Russia. In June, Meyers compared Fox & Friends to helicopter parents of a child in private school when critiquing what he deemed fawning coverage of President Trump. “Our Donnie would never collude with Russia, how dare you?” he said. “Do you even know how much money we give to this school?”

Read the full "job description" below.