'Late Night' Writer Amber Ruffin Uses Kitten to Urge People to Vote

LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS -- Episode 751 - Amber Ruffin during the "Liberty" sketch on October 31, 2018 - Publicity-H 2018
Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

When writer Amber Ruffin encouraged people to vote for the sake of liberty on Wednesday's episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, she was talking about a small, fluffy kitten.

Meyers introduced the bit, in which Ruffin sings a jaunty tune threatening to kill the kitten — named Liberty — if people don't vote in the upcoming midterm elections.

"The midterm elections are on Tuesday and there are concerns that low voter turnout will affect the Democrats' chances of taking back Congress," Meyers said. "It's scary to think about Trump continuing for two more years without any checks or balances, so here with a kick-ass song that's going to make everyone vote, please welcome a fuzzy, little kitten named Liberty and one of our writers, Amber Ruffin."

Ruffin appeared dressed in patriotic red, white and blue garb, alongside a ginger kitten playing in a transparent box. With a smile, she began to sing, "On November 6 we'll be in the same place / at the ballot box with a happy look on our face / knowin' that we're stopping this here country from going to the shitter."

The song unfolded into a series of threats against Liberty, periodically interrupted by Meyers' wary protests. The kitten seemed to be unbothered by the lyrics, though, walking around and batting at decorations inside the box.

Ruffin continued: "This wasn't the best way to make new friends / but there'll be no time for hanging when the world freaking ends / so vote right now or I'll throw this little kitten in a blender." She then promised to flush him down the toilet, launch him into space and feed him a poisoned hotdog if people don't go out and vote.

However, she capped off the song by reassuring viewers that the bit was just a joke (and that the cat is fine.) "Vote in the midterms, or it will be the figurative-not-literal-death-of-the-concept-not-the-cat-who-is-fine-but-the-state-of-being-free-called liberty," she sang in her last breath.

Ruffin has previously appeared in Late Night segments criticizing Megyn Kelly's blackface comments and remaking art created by problematic men.