Watch Stephen Colbert Shave His "Colbeard" in First 'Late Show' Promo (Video)

Stephen Colbert Promo H 2015


Stephen Colbert Promo H 2015

The first promo for CBS' Late Show With Stephen Colbert has debuted.

"Hi everybody, I'm Stephen Colbert. Welcome to the Internet," the bearded late-night host tells the camera while eating a hot dog with a fork and knife. "Good news — I still exist! My show went off the air in December, and you have not seen me much since then, unless of course you're my family or the clerk in my local Rite-Aid."

Colbert then joked that during his time off, he "adopted a beard that I found by the highway" which made the Internet "burn to the ground. ... CBS is making me shave it off because Tom Selleck's mustache has a non-compete clause. Don't get me wrong, Tom's a great guy. His mustache — such a bitch!"

The host then shaves off his iconic beard piece-by-piece, experimenting with different styles to find the perfect face for TV: the "un-Hitler," the millennial favorite "Amish" and the "half-Wolverine." Finally, he opts for "clean-shaven Colbert." But not without paying tribute to the Colbeard with a lesser version of Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)."

The promo marked the debut of the show’s website and social platforms, as well as the Colbr App for iOS.

Watch the video below.