'Late Show' Successor Stephen Colbert to Visit Letterman

On Tuesday, April 22, the Comedy Central star will drop by the CBS talk show for the first time since he was named the new host.
Comedy Central; Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS
Stephen Colbert and David Letterman

Stephen Colbert is heading to the Late Show for the first time since CBS announced that he would be succeeding David Letterman as host.

The Comedy Central star was named the new Late Show host last week, replacing Letterman, who announced on the April 3 broadcast he would retire from the show sometime in 2015.

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This marks The Colbert Report host’s first visit to the Late Show since he was tapped as Letterman’s successor. Colbert has been a frequent guest of Late Show, appearing on the program about a dozen times since 2005.

The booking should make for a newsy appearance and the two have had a good rapport over the years. It’s also a sign of good will, as well as the passing of the torch, when a successor appears on the program he will be taking over. Seth Meyers appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night, wherein Fallon passed on the "Late Night Pickle," and Fallon dropped by the final week of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show.