Laura Benanti Brings Back Melania Trump Impression to Discuss "I Really Don't Care" Jacket

Laura Benanti brought back her Melania Trump impression on The Late Show on Tuesday (June 26) to address the infamous coat the first lady wore while visiting the U.S.-Mexico border that read, "I Really Don't Care. Do U?"

"Everyone's still trying to figure out the meaning behind Melania Trump's coat-gate, as no one is calling it," said host Stephen Colbert. After detailing the controversy regarding the jacket and explaining that the first lady spoke at a conference Sunday promoting kindness, he said, "This incident raises a question. Is Melania Trump an innocent bystander trapped in a White House she does not agree with, or she's actively supporting her husband's cruelest policies? Here to tell us live via satellite, please welcome first lady Melania Trump."

Benanti dressed as Trump appeared onscreen. After Colbert thanked her for speaking with him, she said, "My pleasure. It is an honor to join one of the biggest low-life no-talents in late night," referencing how her husband criticized Colbert and his fellow network late-night hosts.

When asked if she intended to send a callous message with the coat, she said, "Absolutely not." She then winked at the camera. Colbert asked if he saw her wink, to which she denied the allegation but then shook her head and shrugged.

"It was picked out by my personal stylist Stephen Miller," said Benanti's Trump, referencing the president's senior adviser, about the jacket. "He's got some chic arm bands he wants me to wear next week. They're red with little black windmills on them," she added, indicating that he was calling for her to wear Nazi attire.

Colbert said that Trump's jacket was insensitive for the occasion of visiting children separated from their families at the border. He asked her if she cares about the children. She said, "Absolutely. Just hold on, my hair is cold." She then put on a black baseball cap that read "F the Kids." Colbert said, "Wait, your hat says ..." before she cut him off and said, "Oh, god. Here we go again. It's just a hat." She added, "It stands for 'First the Kids.'"

"Of course. I'm not stupid, Stephen," she said after the host asked if she is aware of what her husband has been doing. "I speak six languages, which is six more than my husband."

Colbert then asked if the jacket endorsed her husband's policy. "Not at all. You should not believe my clothing," she laughed. "Oh, it's so hot in here." Benanti then revealed a white T-shirt that stated, "Believe My Clothing."

"Your shirt says the exact opposite of what you just said," stated Colbert. She responded, "Stephen, stop looking at my shirt. My lies are up here." She then pointed at her eyes.

"Madam first lady, I'm starting to think your clothes are a purposeful distraction from the heartbreaking images we've seen of the detention centers," said Colbert as he shared images of children behind chain link fences.

"No, no, no. Don't look at those pictures! Don't look at those pictures!" Benanti's Trump pleaded. She then pulled out a scarf that had the words "Murder All Penguins" written in sparkly font. "Look at my scarf. Ooh. It says, 'Murder the penguins.' Why would I wear this to an upcoming global warming summit? Ooh, Stephen. I bet you could do a whole monologue about that."

Colbert finished the mock interview by asking why she doesn't use her platform to fight against her husband's policies, especially because she is an immigrant. "Well, in the words of my brand new jacket, 'How many more monstrous acts do I have to support before people finally start seeing me as complicit in this?'"

"I understand that," said Colbert. Benanti's Trump then shouted, "Understand what? It's just a jacket!"