Laura Benanti's Melania Trump Addresses "Body Double" Speculation on 'The Late Show'

Laura Benanti-Publicity-H 2019
Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

Frequent Melania Trump impersonator Laura Benanti dropped in on Friday night to chat with Late Show host Stephen Colbert about the rumors that the first lady uses a "body double" when photographed with President Donald Trump. 

Though he's heard his fair share of "unbelievable Trump stories," Colbert took a moment to focus on the reports that Melania "deploys a body double," which even instigated the hashtag #FakeMelania to trend on Twitter after photographs seem to showcase Trump stepping out with a Melania lookalike. The president called the rumors "conspiracy theories" and accused "Fake News" for the "photoshopped pictures." 

"This is nothing more than a wild conspiracy theory. Fortunately, The Late Show has a source that could put an end to this all," Colbert said as he introduced Benanti as Melania to quickly dispute the rumors. 

"It makes no sense. How can there be two Melania Trumps? Think about it! Doesn't it seem crazy that there is even one?" she joked.  

To further prove her point, Benanti's Melania questioned what purpose a fake Melania would have. "Why would anyone impersonate Melania Trump? For what? Attention? Applause?" she asked, as she motioned for the audience to clap for her. "Besides it takes some Tony Award-winning actor to pull off this role," the actress said as she revealed her Tony. Benanti will take on the role of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady on Broadway.

Still questioning whether he was actually speaking with the real Melania, Colbert asked her to "say something only Melania would say." "Um, be best?" she replied, to which Colbert said, "That checks out," because he doesn't know anyone who would say that. 

"If I were going to use a double, it would be in private when Donald knocks on my bedroom door," Benanti's Trump further argued. "When he knocks on my door and he asks for a presidential briefing. It's over in two minutes and he spends the whole time confused." 

Benanti's Trump also said that the president did consider using a body double but they "couldn't train a manatee to walk on two legs." 

"The point is this is all one giant distraction. We need to be focused on the real issues," Benanti's Melania said. After Colbert began questioning her about immigration, the fake-Melania then cut their interview and left. "No more questions! This is bullying," she said as she proceeded to leave. 

Suddenly, Christine Baranski appeared donning the same Melania look as Benanti. "Yes it's me, the first and only first lady," she said. "You can't get rid of me no matter how hard I try." 

After Colbert mentioned how she looked different than before, Baranski's Melania quipped: "Just like the media to focus on my appearance instead of the important work I do." 

To prove that she was the real Melania, she mocked Benanti as she said: "It would take some kind of two-time Tony Award-winning actor to pull that off." Baranski then held her two Tony Awards. 

She later began speaking about her feelings for the president: "I am married to Donald Trump and we are in....oh, I can't do this," Baranski said as she walked off-camera. 

After Colbert said he thought she had left once again, comedian Brian Stack appeared dressed as Melania. "I love Donald Trump just as sure as I'm Donald Trump," he said. Colbert then proclaimed him as an imposter.