Laura Benanti's Melania Trump Responds to State of the Union Address

President Donald Trump's State of the Union address has received mixed reviews, and late-night host Stephen Colbert wants to know what Melania Trump thought of her husband's speech.

Introducing the return of The Late Show's frequent Melania Trump impersonator, Laura Benanti, on Wednesday, Colbert was quick to address the rumored tension between the first lady and president regarding reports that Trump had an affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels.

"My life is an ocean of loneliness," Benanti's Melania immediately tells Colbert, after the late-night host asked how she was doing. The first lady gained attention during the State of the Union for donning all-white attire. Colbert asked if her outfit was an homage to women rights and suffrage and Benanti jokingly replied, "Every day I'm suffraging in the White House."

After Colbert emphasized that suffrage is defined as the right to vote, Benanti's Melania quipped, "I know. I cannot wait to vote in next presidential election." Though confirming that she would vote for Trump, the faux FLOTUS jabbed, "Unless I have scheduling and logistical issues." 

Benanti's Melania proceeded to explain that she felt "glued" to her seat during the SOTU. "That General Kelly is quite the prankster, right?"

"Melania" then addressed rumors of marital tension between her and the president.

"I do not believe my husband slept with this woman, Spanky Banjos," Benanti joked. "I mean, what kind of disgusting pig monster would cheat on his wife with porn star right after she gave birth and then pay hush money to this Cranky Panchos?"

Dubbing the rumors a "lie," Benanti's Melania then quipped "Hashtag Me Too." "In fact, if my husband's watching, I have a message: Donald, Time's Up." After Colbert expressed his confusion, Benanti reiterated her statement. "Time's Up on your cheeseburger. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!"