Laura Benanti's Melania Trump Celebrates Being "Free" in 'Late Show' Holiday Special

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and guest Laura Benanti-Publicity Still-H 2018
Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

Stephen Colbert is getting in the Christmas spirit with help from Laura Benanti. 

Returning to The Late Show as the first lady, the frequent Melania impersonator welcomes America for her White House Christmas message, which she said Donald Trump was supposed to be in attendance for but was "running late," while Don Jr. and Eric Trump were "out hunting endangered reindeer." 

Left to run the show on her own, Benanti’s Trump assures that she'll "distract from his failures" by wearing a "Christmas-themed jacket" — alluding to the first lady’s controversial "I Really Don’t Care" jacket — or sing a holiday tune. 

Breaking out into song and dance, Benanti’s Trump proceeds to perform a holiday take on President Trump’s MAGA slogan, dubbing the song "Make America Christmas Again."

"It used to be illegal to say Merry Christmas. You’d be punished at the slightest mention. But now you’re free to say Merry Christmas all year unless you’re a migrant child in detention. Boo-hoo," Benanti’s Trump sang.

After performing her holiday song, the fake-Melania then addressed the bullying she continuously faces, in particular with her "beautiful red trees." She is then shown giving her trees a “fresh coat” by spraying them with a bottle labeled as “blood.” 

Throughout her tour of the White House, the fake-Melania offers a preview of their "inclusivity corner" decorated with a framed photo of Tom Cruise, a basketball and a Hulk carrying a sign that reads "Hinduism." She also receives a visit from Scrooge, who she says she was confused on because she couldn’t distinguish "which whiny guys are ghosts and which are Mike Pence." 

Later on, Benanti’s Melania receives a phone call from Trump, where he informs her that he’s unable to be there for Christmas because he’s meeting with "another powerful world leader" that he describes as a "big guy with a red hat," "works one day a year" and "keeps a list of which kids he likes and which deserve to be punished." 

"If Donald’s not going to be here. I’ll just have to do what I did back when we shared a bed: finish without him!" 

She then breaks out into another holiday song titled "Merry Christmas to Me" where she celebrates being "free." 

Benanti's holiday sketch will air during The Late Show's Friday night broadcast. Watch a preview of her performance below.