'Law & Order: SVU' Airs Occupy Episode, Viewers React (Video)

Law & Order SVU Occupy - H 2012

Law & Order: SVU ripped a storyline straight from the headlines when it aired an episode last night that featured a staged re-creation of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

In December, vocal protesters crashed the New York set, carrying signs that read "We are a movement, not a TV plot" and chanting while the NBC procedural attempted to film in Foley Square. Last night's episode, "The Official Story," featured a storyline that saw a CEO of a military corporation found beaten in Central Park. It was revealed in the episode that the beating was in connection to one of the protesters who gathered to voice their opinions on injustice.

One of the signs in the Occupy camp scene, see below, read: "Make jobs."

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"People did it in the spirit of absurdity and fun," said Han Shan back in December. "We like to come together in public space and share ideas and show our vision through our action and we're doing that tonight with a good bit of jest and big fat smiles on our faces."

How did viewers react to the episode? The reactions ran the gamut.

A user by the name of Martine Jean communicated her surprise that the NBC show would air a timely episode: "Whoa! Law&Order SVU already made an Occupy Wall St. episode??"

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Another user, Matt Binder, expressed his amusement at one of the scenes: "I have to go back and pause Law & Order: SVU on the Occupy Wall Street camp scene to truly take in every hilarious detail."

But Savanna Marie wasn't buying into the Occupy storyline at all: "Even on Law & Order SVU the Occupy Wall Street movement is inconsequential and an afterthought..."

Watch a clip from last night's Law & Order: SVU:

Law & Order: SVU airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.