'Glee's' Lea Michele Dishes on Upcoming Sex Scene With Sweaty Cory Monteith

The actress spills some details from shooting the much-anticipated hook up.

After speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Lea Michele is kissing and telling more about some upcoming scenes with on-screen beau, Cory Monteith. And although she says the experience was a strange one for them, she says the final result lived up to her standards.

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"Oh my god, it was way awkward," Michele tells E!Online. "I adore Cory. He's like my brother and to have to do some of the stuff we did in front of our entire crew...it's so less sexy than you think. Really, we were in a room with like 20 people around us, sitting by the fireplace."  

That fireplace may look good on film, but Michele says that Monteith was anything but chill next to it.

"He was sweating so much," she explains. "I was so grossed out!"

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In the end, Michele said that the challenges of filming the episode in which Rachel loses her virginity with Finn met with her approval and should meet fans’ expectations, as well.

"I saw some photos and I was like 'Damn! We look good,' " she says. "As a fan of the show, it's something I wanted to see for awhile and it's very interesting how everything plays out."

The extra special scene appears on this season’s Episode 5 airing Tuesday, Nov. 8, appropriately titled “The First Time.”

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