'The League' Creators on FXX Move: It's Like Going to Heaven

Co-creator Jeff Schaffer says it's frustrating to not be able to tell people where the channel is but is confident they'll follow the comedy to its new home.
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"The League"

FX stalwart The League is on the move to upstart network FXX and the cast and creators behind the fantasy football comedy aren't too worried about the move.

"To be perfectly frank, it's very exciting. It's also a little frustrating right now that we can't tell our fans what channel FXX is yet. … It's like saying, 'When I die I'm going to heaven.' I know it's a good thing but I don't know where that is," co-creator Jeff Schaffer told reporters Friday at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour. 

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"Right now it's like FXX is our Canadian girlfriend -- but you will meet her and she will be beautiful," he said with a laugh.

The new network, tailored for the 18-34 demographic, is scheduled to launch on Sept. 2.

The comedy, which has already been renewed for a sixth season, will use its new home to try a few different things -- including a Rafi and Dirty Randy adventure.

The fifth season, which returns on a new night -- Wednesday, Sept. 4, at 10:30 p.m. -- will pick up with Andre (Paul Scheer) and Trixie's (Jayma Mays) wedding. Showrunners promised that the bride and groom would make the wedding impossible for themselves -- including using rhymes and limericks for their registry.

Added co-star Nick Kroll of the pending marriage in a nod to HBO's deadly Game of Thrones Red Wedding episode: "No major characters will die at this wedding."

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