'The League' Recap: Ruxin Gets Dumb; Kevin Wants to Be a Judge

The League Screengrab Nov 8 - H 2012

Kevin seeks a career change, Ruxin loses his mojo and Andre has lice in Thursday’s episode of The League.

In the middle of a trivia contest at Andre’s (Paul Scheer) apartment, Kevin (Stephen Rannazzisi) reveals his plans to leave his job at the DA’s office and become a judge. His friends don’t think he has what it takes, and aren’t impressed with his “judge face,” which Kevin thinks conveys wisdom but Taco (Jon Lajoie) says looks like his “vinegar strokes.” (Not good.)

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After being trounced by Ruxin (Nick Kroll) in trivia, Pete (Mark Duplass) orders the Wonderlic Test, an aptitude assessment used by the NFL and other organizations to measure brainpower. Pete hopes to prove that Ruxin isn’t the brightest person in the league — and it pays off.

Ruxin comes in third place behind Pete and Andre, and he suddenly ceases to be a domineering figure reigning over the league. He's lost all confidance in his intelletual prowess, and even Taco thinks Ruxin is stupid, berating him for bungling an assignment to acquire a life-size ice sculpture of Kevin for a charity event connected to his judge aspirations.

For victory-obsessed Ruxin, being considered inferior by his friends is the worst fate possible. As Kroll recently told THR, Ruxin defeating his friends is the most important thing in his life, “whether it’s victory on the fantasy football field or having the hottest wife or making the most money.”

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Meanwhile, Andre is teased for being bald, but he insists he’s not. He just has thin, clear hair. Young Ellie (who is later revealed to have lice) shares her hat with him so his bald head won’t be cold.

Kevin pursues steps to become a judge at a fundraiser, but his plans are foiled when Ruxin gets in a fight with Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, a Harvard alum who happens have done quite well on the Wonderlic Test.

The whole league is booted from the event, but not before Jenny (Katie Aselton) reveals the place has been infested by lice, thanks to Andre. But the good news for Andre? His lice infestation proves he isn’t bald, because bald people can’t get lice, he says.

The League airs 10:30 p.m. Thursdays on FX.

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