'The League' Cast and Creators Reveal 8 Secrets of Season 4

"The League" Season 4 Premiere Cast - H 2012
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"The League" Season 4 Premiere Cast - H 2012

There was surprisingly little trash talk as the cast and creators of FX’s The League gathered Tuesday to celebrate the show’s season four premiere.

In fact, Nick Kroll, who as Ruxin dishes out some of the best trash talk on the show, had plenty of praise for his co-stars.

“The stuff we’ve been doing this year has felt as funny or funnier than anything so far,” Kroll told The Hollywood Reporter. “Everyone writes to each other and plays to each other so well -- it’s as dirty and insane” as ever, but also features the more grounded comedy they specialize in.

Co-creator Jackie Marcus Schaffer did brag about “embarrassing” her husband (and The Leage co-creator) Jeff Schaffer on Rich Eisen’s NFL Network podcast by bragging about besting him in the fantasy football league the couple and the show's cast are in.

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The event, which was also a celebration of the season eight premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, took place at Hollywood’s ArcLight theater.

Below are eight reveals the cast and creators shared with THR.

Be warned, minor spoilers are ahead.

1. Jeff Goldblum may return, and more family members will be revealed

More family members will turn up in the season.

Robert Wagner as Pete’s grandfather is great. You’ll also meet Kevin and Taco’s mom, who is played by Julia Duffy of Newhart fame,” Jackie Marcus Schaffer said. “Rupert Ruxin -- provided we can work it with his schedule, he’s planning on coming back, and he has a very big gift to give our guys, let’s just say.

He’s not family, but Timothy Olyphant will also appear as a “white sushi chef.”

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2. Taco actually makes some money

Taco Corp, makers of three penis wine and other products no one wants, ends up owning something Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants in the season opener.

“Taco may come into a little bit of money this year,” said Jon Lajoie (Taco). “The true testament to his character is that it doesn’t really change him that much. The reason being Taco has never needed money to survive. And he never will.

He went on to describe Taco as “Mark Zuckerberg meets Winnie the Pooh.”

3. There will be more songs

Because “Vinegar Strokes” and “Fear Boner” are too good not to follow up on, several new Taco songs have already been written for the season, with more to come.

“It’s a collaboration with the creators,” Lajoie said of the writing process. “We figure out what style would be best for the song, and I go home and on my iPad or whatever I write something, put it together and send it back to them. Then we go back and forth until we find the most inappropriate version of it.”

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4. Andre will get a love interest

Paul Scheer (Andre) believes his professionally successful but clueless character will end up with a girlfriend this year.

“I think this is the season where Andre might find a love interest,” Scheer said. “He gets rid of that porn stuff and gets into a new apartment.”

The new apartment is a good idea, Andre. Just don’t invite Dirty Randy over for any parties.

5. Andre is heading to therapy

“This is the season that we actually see Andre go to therapy,” Scheer said, noting his friends are the cause. “I think he’s got to address some of these issues. He is constantly shit-upon by these characters. No normal human being can take the abuse that character takes.”

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6. There is no Sacko Bowl this year

Scheer said the gang will not play for last place this season, but there are plenty of new ways they'll be humiliating each other. Pete (Mark Duplass) “becomes the curator of the hall of records,” a Web site recording  his friends' great failings and embarrassments.

7. Ruxin is the new commissioner

"Literally, the last season went up in flames. So I think this is about a rebirth,” Kroll said. “What you see with Ruxin is – I will call it the Great Compromise. When you are dealing with the gods, which is what Ruxin is, there is great vengeance and there is forgiveness where it helps and then you move on.”

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Scheer, whose character will no doubt the victim of Ruxin’s wrath, said: “People are being tortured by Ruxin unilaterally. Throughout the season, he reigns as commissioner harshly.”

8. Jenny and Kevin’s baby comes the first episode

“Babies throw a wrench into a lot of situations,” said Stephen Rannazzisi (Kevin). “Sometimes the baby changes us a lot because we are arguing about who’s going to do what what. Then there are episodes where we won’t mention the baby at all.”

The League returns Thursday at 10:30 p.m. on FX.