Oprah Gives Away Car on 'Jimmy Kimmel' (Video)

"The Butler" star pretends it's a compulsion she can't help, saying it happens every once in a while, especially when she skips lunch.
Oprah Winfrey and Jimmy Kimmel

She swore she didn't want it to happen again, but Oprah Winfrey is back giving away cars to talk show audience members.

The media mogul and star of Lee Daniels' The Butler, appeared on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, when she cut short a discussion of the historical film.

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"I just got that feeling again," she told Jimmy Kimmel. "I really didn't want it to happen here," she said. "You lady in the blue. You. Come up here a minute please," she told a member of the audience.

A woman named Britney came down and sat next to the fidgety media mogul.

"Britney, I just want to say this to you. You, you, you get a car!"

Confetti fell. Oprah presented her with some keys, and the young woman was escorted outside to where a new Ford Fusion Energy was waiting.

Kimmel asked how often Winfrey gets this compulsion.

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"Every once in a while, Jimmy, this happens. Especially when I skip lunch."

Oprah famously gave away 276 cars to screaming audience members of her talk show in 2004. But it wasn't completely free – audience members had to pay up to $7,000 in taxes for the prize.

Watch her latest car giveaway below.