'Legends of Tomorrow's' JSA: Who Are Obsidian, Stargirl and Dr. Mid-Nite?

Obsidian, Stargirl and Dr. Mid-Nite Split - H 2016
Courtesy of DC Comics

Obsidian, Stargirl and Dr. Mid-Nite Split - H 2016

The Justice Society of America has officially arrived on The CW's Legends of Tomorrow.

After Rex Tyler aka Hourman (Patrick J. Adams) crash-landed his Waverider in the season one finale, warning the Legends team that if they boarded their Waverider that they would die, viewers have been left wondering who else from the JSA could appear in season two. Executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Phil Klemmer revealed during the show's Comic-Con panel that iconic DC Comics characters Obsidian, Stargirl and Dr. Mid-Nite are currently being cast for The CW series. 

Here, The Hollywood Reporter dives deep into the DC Comics history to round up everything you need to know about the new superheroes. (Though casting on the heroes has yet to be announced.) 


Todd Rice has an interesting history in the comic books, as he is considered to be a hero but actually had a villain streak going for a while. He's the biological son of superhero Green Lantern and villain Thorn and has a twin sister Jade. Along with serving on the Justice League of America, Obsidian also formed a superhero team Infinity Inc. for all the JSA kids, grandkids and protoges along with his sister. But the most interesting aspect of Obsidian is his long-term struggle with his mental health, having inherited a potential for mental illness from his villain mother.

Eventually Obsidian became a villain himself, and used his power of manipulating shadows to spread darkness across the world. After his father and the rest of the JSA defeat him, Obsidian joined up with villains Mordru and Eclipso to get revenge on his father and the JSA, but he was defeated again. This time, however, his defeat helped cure his mental imbalance and he retired, with his powers going dormant.

And that's when Obsidian started a new chapter in his life by coming out as gay. He fell in love with assistant district attorney Damon Matthews and they are still happily dating. When Jade died, Obsidian's powers came back and he came out of retirement. If Legends of Tomorrow follows the comic book history closely, introducing Obsidian opens the door to show representation and inclusion, bring awareness to mental health issues as well as show the struggle between good and evil in a powered person. 


Out of the three JSA members announced at Comic-Con, Stargirl got the biggest cheer from the audience, causing Guggenheim to quip that he should have announced her last. This is only the second live-action version of this JSA fan-favorite after Smallville. Courtney Whitmore was originally known as the Star-Spangled Kid before adopting the Stargirl moniker, carrying on Starman's legacy as a junior member of the JSA. Her personality was modeled after DC Comics boss Geoff Johns' late sister. 

Her origin story was the epitome of teen angst: after her mother remarried, Courtney didn't like her new stepdad Pat Dugan. But when going through his things, she realized that Pat used to be Stripesy, the only adult sidekick to a teen hero in history. So of course, she made fun of him for it, and dressed up in her own Star-Spangled outfit to tease him. But when they were attacked, they teamed up to save the day and continued to do so after that. The Star-Spangled Kid became Stargirl after Starman gave her his cosmic staff. 

Dr. Mid-Nite

There are actually three different versions of Dr. Mid-Nite in the comic books, Charles McNider, Beth Chapel (as Doctor Midnight) and Pieter Anton Cross, so it's not clear which one will show up on Legends just yet. But all three generally looked the same and had the same abilities. All the Dr. Mid-Nites wore a cowled costume with a moon symbol and had the ability to see in the darkness while being totally or nearly blind in the daylight, and they use blackout bombs in fights to their advantage. All three have been physicians who treat normal humans and superheroes.

It's interesting to note that while Daredevil features a popular blind superhero, Dr. Mid-Nite actually predated the character of Daredevil, making him/her the first superhero with a physical impairment.

Legends of Tomorrow returns for season two on Thursday, Oct. 13, at 8 p.m. on The CW.