'Legends of Tomorrow': Everything to Know About Season 2

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - The Justice Society of America - H - 2016
Katie Yu/The CW

In the final moments of the season one finale, Legends of Tomorrow made it clear that season two was going to be completely different from what viewers were expecting.

After saving the world in three different time periods, the Legends were shocked when a Waverider crash-landed right in front of them, and a man claiming to be Rex Tyler (Patrick J. Adams), aka Hourman from the Justice Society of America, warned the team that if they boarded their Waverider with the mission of becoming Time Masters themselves, they would all die. It was a game-changing twist for the Arrow and The Flash spinoff series, and one that signaled a major shift for the show moving into the new season.

But the arrival of a new team of heroes isn't the only new development to watch out for in season two. The Hollywood Reporter rounded up everything you need to know before tuning in to Thursday's season two premiere, "Out of Time," from the JSA to the Legion of Doom and more.


Hourman's arrival means that his team, the JSA, is going to play a part in season two, and according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, it's a pretty big one.

"With his final words in the finale, he planted a pretty deep flag about where we're headed in season two, which is not just introducing Hourman but introducing his teammates in the Justice Society of America," Guggenheim said. "For comic book fans, everyone knows the Justice Society is really the precursor to the Justice League, so it's a pretty big move in our DC universe here on TV."

While the JSA won't be introduced until the Oct. 20 episode, it has already been announced which DC Comics characters will make up the team. Along with Hourman, the Legends will meet Commander Steel (iZombie alum Matthew MacCaull), Stargirl (Wayward Pines‘ Sarah Grey), Dr. Mid-Nite (Kwesi Ameyaw), Obsidian (Dan Payne) and a new version of Vixen (The Originals' Maisie Richardson-Sellers) different from what was previously seen on Arrow.

But don't expect the Legends and the JSA to immediately get along. When the Legends travel to Nazi-occupied Paris, they discover a time aberration that threatens the JSA, but the JSA wants nothing to do with them or their help. Nevertheless, the Legends force their way into the JSA’s mission to intercept and seize a mysterious package.

A New Vixen

Instead of Mari Jiwe McCabe (Megalyn Echikunwoke), with whom Oliver (Stephen Amell) teamed up on Arrow last season, Legends of Tomorrow is introducing her ancestor Amaya Jiwe as a member of the JSA. Amaya is Mari's grandmother, and possesses the same powers from the mysterious Tantu Totem, which allows her to magically access the abilities of animals. Expect to see a lot of Amaya, as Richardson-Sellers has been cast as a series regular for season two.

A New Legend

Another new face sticking around for the entire season is Dr. Nate Heywood (Nick Zano). Zano has also been cast as a series regular, and viewers will meet Nate in the opening scene of the season two premiere. Nate is a historian whose grandfather was Commander Steel. In the comics, Nate becomes Steel/Citizen Steel, a member of the Justice League of America, although there's no word on if Zano will get to portray the superhero his character is fated to become. As of the premiere, he has no powers and is just a historian. In his own words, he's a "time detective."

While he joins the team onboard the Waverider in the premiere, he isn't a full-fledged Legend just yet, and he'll become desperate to prove that he should be part of the team. However, he has a secret that he shares with his grandfather that "might make it difficult."

The Legion of Doom

To balance out all the new heroes inhabiting the series, there is going to be quite the formidable villain team-up this season as well. Legends of Tomorrow will introduce a historic supervillain team called the Legion of Doom, comprising of Malcolm Merlyn (Arrow's John Barrowman), Damien Darhk (Arrow's Neal McDonough), Reverse-Flash (The Flash's Matt Letscher) and Captain Cold (The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow alum Wentworth Miller).

“For season two of Legends, we decided that the perfect antagonist for TV’s first-ever team of superheroes would be TV’s first-ever team of supervillains, recruited from the ranks of Arrow and The Flash’s deadliest adversaries," Guggenheim said. "Being huge fans of the Challenge of the Superfriends, we’ve come to call this group our ‘Legion of Doom.’"

The First Crossover

While all the Greg Berlanti-produced shows in the Arrow-verse -- Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow -- will host a four-part crossover later this fall, the first crossover of the season actually happens in the Legends season premiere. Nate Heywood approaches Mayor Oliver Queen in Star City for help in locating the Legends after he discovered some changes happening to history, and since he figured out that Oliver was the Green Arrow, he is the only person who could help him.

"It's right out of the gate, right away, the first few seconds. You won't have to wait long to see it," executive producer Phil Klemmer said of the crossover. "I would recommend waiting to go to the bathroom until the first commercial break."

Jonah Hex's Return

After making a splash in season one as the iconic DC Comics antihero Jonah Hex, Johnathon Schaech will reprise his role in season two. Expect to see the Western sharpshooter appear in episode six.

"Johnathon did an absolutely spectacular job and we're all just dying to have him back on the show," Guggenheim said. "Just the other day in the writers room we were kicking around a really cool way to get him back on the show. We love that character, we love Johnathon's interpretation of that character."

Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.