Jim Jefferies on 'Legit' Season 2: 'Our Lives Are in a Downward Spiral'

The Australian stand-up's FXX comedy returns Wednesday with guest star Dr. Drew Pinksy diagnosing Jim with sex addiction.

The Legit gang is back for more -- and things are looking a little rough for the guys.

"All of our lives are in a downward spiral this season," co-creator and star Jim Jefferies told a handful of reporters during a visit to the show's Venice set in November. "This season is definitely more serialized. Rather than just focusing on me, a lot of the shows this year are more ensemble."

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The FXX comedy returns with season two on Wednesday, which sees guest star Dr. Drew Pinksy diagnosing Jim (Jefferies) with sex addiction during an episode of Loveline. That part of the episode is based on one of Jefferies' real Loveline appearances. Things aren't going so great for Steve (Dan Bakkedahl), who is dealing with his ex-wife moving away with their daughter. And Billy (DJ Qualls) has a particular problem the guys don't want to give him a hand with.

"This year is more of a novel in 13 chapters," said co-creator Peter O'Fallon, who directs many of the episodes.

Legit goes into its second season as a critical darling, though Jefferies said he thought the first season had a few clunkers. That isn't the case in season two, according to the Australian comedian.

"Last year we had arguably eight or nine really great episodes that sort of bookended each other," said Jefferies. "It's more of a meshed together thing now. You have to see the whole season."

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Qualls, whose character Billy is wheelchair bound by muscular dystrophy, said the positive reaction from fans has emboldened the small cast and crew. He's become close with his costars and said that friendship translates to the screen.

"People have a hard time writing male friends. It's always 'sitcommy.' It always goes to a base level," said Qualls. "With my male friends, we talk about sex and stuff like that, but we also talk about 'How are you feeling? How do you feel about this? What's going on in your life?' "

Jefferies, Qualls and co-executive producer Chris Case recently sat down for a SAG Foundation conversation. Click here to watch the full discussion, where they reveal more about season two.

Legit airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FXX.