Lena Dunham Has Trouble Lying in Jimmy Fallon's 'Box of Lies'

Lena Dunham on Tonight Show - H 2016

Girls creator and star Lena Dunham might be too honest for The Tonight Show

Dunham joined Jimmy Fallon for a friendly game of "Box of Lies" on Tuesday night, only to go a bit overboard when she decided to lie. The game requires each player to describe an item in a box, and their opponent has to decide if their description is true or made up. 

Opening up her first item (a stack of Leonardo DiCaprio headshots labeled "Frances McDormand"), Dunham got too detailed with her lie. "It's a banana ... but it has had Sideshow Bob hair applied to the top of it, googly eyes and a little hole is cut where a raisin has been placed like a nose," she told him. "I can't make this up." 

Fallon saw straight through her overly detailed description and called her on her lie. For his turn, the host tried to lie about his item too: "It's a Barbie hot tub with three of the Brady Bunch kids in it." 

"You're the biggest liar I've ever seen in my life."

In the end, Dunham got one more chance and bested Fallon once and for all. 

Watch the full video below. 

Earlier in the episode, Dunham shared an old family photo where a younger Dunham went a little too intense.