Lena Dunham Auditions for 'Zero Dark Thirty' in Spot-on Spoof (Video)

Lena Dunham Spoof Zero Dark Thirty Audition - H 2013

Lena Dunham Spoof Zero Dark Thirty Audition - H 2013

Both Lena Dunham and Jessica Chastain took home Golden Globes for acting in January, but suffice it to say, their roles could not be more different.

Chastain won for playing a steely CIA agent in the Osama bin Laden-chase film Zero Dark Thirty, while Dunham's win came for her role as Hannah Horvath, an angsty young Brooklynite in her HBO comedy Girls. It's hard to imagine them trading places, but that's exactly what New York comedian Chelsea Davison did in a new YouTube video that's going viral.

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In "Lena Dunham's Audition for Zero Dark Thirty," Davison imagines the Girls creator-writer-star as a nervous interrogator working to guilt suspected terrorists into giving up valuable information. It's really more a spoof on Hannah but close enough.

"I'm a big Lena Dunham fan, I would kill to write with her," Davison, who has trained at Upright Citizens Brigade and performs around New York, tells The Hollywood Reporter. She also notes that she ate 12 cupcakes during the video shoot, which took place over Oscar weekend.

Hannah's audition might not involve waterboarding, but there is definitely a certain kind of torture involved.